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  Re: OLTL: Ones for the Emmy reels         

Author: D.W. McKim
Date: Jun 4, 2008 17:10

Watching today's ep now and you're right...JB was so good yesterday and
so cringeworthy today. He's been showing his limitations lately. My
current take on him is that he's very talented and has so much potential
but sometimes lives up to it and other times totally misses the mark.
My gut feeling is with the specialized demands of the television
industry taping schedule - doing scenes out of sequence, being very
technical, that he is really good in a more stage acting situation where
it's a more natural progression from start to finish but hasn't yet
fully gotten used to the world of television production and being able
to jump into something emotionally on cue as he's coming off a meal
break and starting in the middle of a dramatic moment as all manner of
technical crew are in front of him...
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  GH -- Lulu         

Author: Ruby Vee
Date: Jun 4, 2008 17:01

How is it that Lulu is still employed? Does she ever go to work? When
she's there does she do anything but snark at Maxi and take personal
phone calls and run off immediately after having coffee to be with

And why, given that she IS employed, is she still living at the
Quartermaines? Why does she think it's OK to invite a mobster over for
a sleepover? She may not like Tracey's rules, but if she's living in
the family home she doesn't get to make her OWN rules. I don't see
anyone else inviting members of the opposite sex over for sleepovers.
Lulu IS an adult, and she gets to have sex with whatever totally
inappropriate lover she chooses -- but if she's going to live off the
Quartermaines, she needs to follow their rules.

And isn't she the big fat hypocrite, screeching at Tracy at her right
to have sex with whomever she pleases because she's "an adult" -- then
turning around and screeching at Nik about who he chooses to have as a
guest in HIS home. (His own home -- not someone else's home where he's
been freeloading for years.) And screeching at Nik about having
"Anthony Zaccara's daughter" in his living room when she just had
Anthony Zaccara's son in her bed?
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  OLTL - someone must really love Annie Lennox...         

Author: D.W. McKim
Date: Jun 4, 2008 16:35

..but then shouldn't everyone? ;)

They played "Lost" as one of the music montages last week and then they
name today's episode "Through a Glass, Darkly" (a reference to her song
"Through the Glass Darkly"). In between Annie/Eurythmics being my all
time fave music artist and OLTL being my current fave show that was a
very cool treat!

d.w. mckim - "Let
me show you the world in my eyes" (Depeche Mode) - for the restored health of the country and
the world
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  OLTL: Ones for the Emmy reels         

Author: D.W. McKim
Date: Jun 4, 2008 06:31

Am watching 6/4 ep now - i'd say either the 6/3 or 6/4 ep will probably
be submitted for Best Show and/or writing for next years Emmy. While
it's always possible she may remove her name from consideration as she
sometimes has in the past, i hope Robin Strasser submits the 6/3 episode
for Emmy consideration - in between the beginning of the episode as she
sets up Charlie (and prays to Mel for forgiveness) and her splendid diva
performance at the Shareholders' Meeting at the end, she owned that
episode! Pair it up with a more tender episode where Dorian is being a
mother to Langston (or perhaps grieving over Adrianna if they kill her
off), and that Emmy is SO hers!

d.w. mckim - "Let
me show you the world in my eyes" (Depeche Mode) - for the restored health of the country and
the world
  ALL: OLTL propping (I'm actively encouraging viewership)         

Author: MarkH
Date: Jun 4, 2008 06:06

I'm a Y&R; boy, but I really want to urge everyone to watch OLTL...and to
tell their friends and family to do so. There needs to be a viral
explosion of viewership.

The Tuesday 6/3 episode was mind blowing.

I won't recap the plot, but there were all the veterans the show had to
muster pretty much front and center (Bo, Nora, Viki, Clint). I would
say 100%% of the cast was on. There was a huge umbrella event that made
the cast mostly be in the same room. There were huge stakes, but based
in human emotion and relationships (someone tempted to fall off the
wagon, a young expectant father plunging off a parapet, revealed stolen
identities, humor and inuendo, and mostly an "Alexis Carrington" moment
as Dorian Lord revealed that she had acquired control of Buchanan
Enterprises...mostly for revenge). There was even a moment STRAIGHT out
of Dynasty (when Blake Carrington strangled Alexis for taking his
company) as Clint Buchanan strangled Dorian (also in a big hat) for
taking his.

My tastes for soaps are more realistic and earth-bound, mostly, but I
did love Dynasty/Dallas/KL in their heydays. I also liked soaps when
they were more energetic and passionate (glory days of AMC, GH).
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  AMC - Boogie Chillen, Tuesday - 6-3-08         

Author: Robin Coutellier
Date: Jun 4, 2008 01:37

Boogie Chillens and former Friday updates can also be seen at:

(please remove spoiler space after Wednesday, 6/4/08)
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  AMC- clothes..         

Author: carolcares4u
Date: Jun 3, 2008 21:21

You say clothes. I'd rather see Krystal- KWAK- with the same dress
than "bouncin' baby boobies" of Babe. First that obnoxious dress she
wore to the wedding where you could see "nevrything" (nuttin') and now
this one. They are disgusting samples of clothing!

Carol- how 'bout that little girly dress Colby wore- on the good ship
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  GH Vote in polls about Krazy General Hospital Gamez         

Author: Tee
Date: Jun 3, 2008 16:07

GH Vote in polls about Krazy General Hospital Gamez
Come here to vote in fun polls about General Hospital. Each week new
polls, games,
who said that, awards etc... will go up for you to cast your votes in.
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  OLTL- Man Hands         

Author: vic
Date: Jun 3, 2008 14:01

Finally the show is worth watching again. Loving it. Did get a kick
out of Ramsey's "lady" in hiding. Those were the biggest hands I have
ever seen. You would think they could have used a woman to lay under
the sheet. Great show today.
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  OLTL: A TiVo day!         

Author: El
Date: Jun 3, 2008 11:29

No spoilers, just sayin' - I haven't been this riveted to *any* of my soaps
(AMC & GH included) in AGES!!!!

This is one for the DVR's, folks!

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