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  Re: Convert KWiki to MediaWiki         

Author: Dave Holland
Date: Sep 17, 2008 08:52

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 05:46:33PM +0200, Erbs, Nicolai wrote:
> Unfortunately I'd like to convert a KWiki to a MediaWiki and searched
> for utilities, but unfortunately I didn't find any. I don't want to
> copy-and-paste every single site. Do you know any tools, which provide
> this possibility?

I took this:
and modified it to handle tables, bold/italic, lists, our local kwiki
hacks, etc. It's pretty straightforward.

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  Convert KWiki to MediaWiki         

Author: Nicolai Erbs
Date: Sep 17, 2008 08:46


Unfortunately I'd like to convert a KWiki to a MediaWiki and searched
for utilities, but unfortunately I didn't find any. I don't want to
copy-and-paste every single site. Do you know any tools, which provide
this possibility?

Or is there any script available?



This e-mail and any attachment is for authorised use by the intended recipient(s) only. It may contain proprietary material, confidential information and/or be subject to legal privilege. It should not be copied, disclosed to, retained or used by, any other party. If you are not an intended recipient then please promptly delete this e-mail and any attachment and all copies and inform the sender. Thank you.
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  Kwiki Hackathon on #kwiki on Sunday, 17 Feb at Noon PST (GMT-8)         

Author: Whiteg Weng
Date: Feb 15, 2008 08:08

Hash: SHA1


There is going to be a Kwiki Hackathon about Kwiki 3.0 on #kwiki
(, join us if you are interested in the future of

Visit the following pages for what kwiki 3.0 is about:

Hope to see you on #kwiki..:)


Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (Darwin)

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  Pb saving a page         

Author: Isabelle Cabrera
Date: Oct 3, 2007 05:38


I have a problem with kwiki: when saving a page that I have edited. I get this error message:


Can't open file 'database/PersonalPage' for output:
Permission denied at lib/Spoon/ line 92
at lib/Spoon/ line 89
Spoon::Base::__ANON__('Can\'t open file \'database/PersonalPage\'...
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  Authenticating attachments to Kwiki         

Author: Keith Lofstrom
Date: Sep 30, 2007 08:58

I'm using Kwiki on a few sites. For a while, I had Typekey set
up, but the folks at Typekey will let anybody sign up, and don't
monitor for bot usage, so that just acted as an "attractive
nuisance" - worse than useless.

I now have scode captcha set up, and I get very little vandalism on
the sites by editing. Instead, the vandal-bots make html attachments;
AFAIKS there is no way to authenticate attachments or notify me when
attachments are made. The damage rate is low - a few a week - but
still annoying.

I have a cron script that informs me of new attachments every week,
and I use those to hunt down garbage, but I would prefer to apply
captcha and email notification to new attachments just like it is
applied to text edits. Is there any way to set that up?


Keith Lofstrom [email protected] Voice (503)-520-1993
KLIC --- Keith Lofstrom Integrated Circuits --- "Your Ideas in Silicon"
Design Contracting in Bipolar and CMOS - Analog, Digital, and Scan ICs
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  Wiki not compatible with latest Scalar::Util?         

Author: hashashin
Date: Sep 22, 2007 12:26

Anybody got this too?

Software error:

Undefined subroutine &Scalar;::Util::weaken called at (eval 27) line 4.
at lib/Spoon/ line 89
Spoon::Base::__ANON__('Undefined subroutine &Scalar;::Util::weaken
called at (eval 27...') called at (eval 27) line 4
'Kwiki=HASH(0x8385f24)') called at lib/Spoon/Boot/ line 26
Spoon::Boot::Base::init('Kwiki::Boot::V1=HASH(0x833e1c0)') called at
lib/Spoon/Boot/ line 9
Spoon::Boot::Base::new('Kwiki::Boot::V1') called at lib/Kwiki/ line 5
Kwiki::Boot::boot('Kwiki::Boot') called at /home/numexp/wiki/index.cgi line 10

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (ambsATdiDOTuminhoDOTpt),
giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

Alberto Simões
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  Unsubscription successful; thanks         

Author: Dave Baker
Date: May 3, 2007 07:40

The information is in the message headers, I have learned:

List-Id: <>

Perhaps this information should be at the bottom of each email. I don't
routinely view detailed header information in email on Thunderbird; I
wonder how many people do? Not many, I bet.

Thanks very much for the assist and again please pardon this email,

Dave Baker
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  Unsubscription information         

Author: Dave Baker
Date: May 3, 2007 07:20

I apologize; I know this is irritating.

Can someone please tell me how to unsubscribe from the kwiki mailing
list. I have forgotten how I subscribed. I can find no listing for the
list on or I had no luck on Google.

Thank you very much,

Dave Baker
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  RE: Unsubscription information         

Author: Mark - BLS CTR Thomas
Date: May 3, 2007 07:19

Check the message headers (on every message you receive):

List-Id: <>
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  Re: Kwiki         

Author: Ingy dot Net
Date: May 2, 2007 09:21

On 02/05/07 11:25 -0400, Nahum Goldmann wrote:
> Brian, thanks.
> Too bad this small fact is not noted anywhere in Kwiki documentation,
> it would save much frustration and weeks of lost time for several
> people.
> Brian, I'm considered one of the pioneers of Linux use in the North

It's Ingy, fyi.
> America and my company started to use Perl under Linux, but than had
> to move to Windows, as 98%% of global users use it vs. ~2%% of
> Unix/Linux and ~0.2%% Apple. It's not that I'm a big Windows...
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