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  Make tons of money with only 6 DOLLARS!!!         

Author: watashiwacassandra
Date: Aug 11, 2007 14:37

!!$$!!$$!!MAKE EASY MONEY IN WEEKS!!$$!!$$!!
A while back, I was browsing these newsgroups, just like you are now, and
came across an article similar to this that said you
could make thousands of dollars in CASH within weeks with only an initial
investment of $6.00 plus stamps!
So I thought, "Yeah, right, this must be a scam!" I had heard of these
before but never had the nerve to try it. But like most of
us I was curious and kept reading. It said that if you send $1.00 to each of
the 6 names and addresses listed in the article, you
could make thousands in a very short period of time.
You then place your own name and address at the bottom of the list at #6,
and post the article to at least 300 newsgroups.
(There are about 32,000 of them out there and that's quite a large market
pool). No catch, that was it.
Even though the investment was a measly $6, I had three questions that
needed to be answered before I could get involved in
this sort of thing:
1. IS THIS REALLY LEGAL? I called a lawyer first. The lawyer was a little
skeptical that I would actually make any CASH
but he said it WAS LEGAL if I wanted to try it. I told him it sounded a lot ...
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