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Description: Travel on the African continent. ·
Description: Airline travel around the world. ·
Description: Travel in Asia. ·
Description: Travel Information for Australia and New Zealand. ·
Description: Backpack travel discussion group. ·
Description: Travel to the islands of the Caribbean, sans pirates. ·
Description: Travel by cruise ship ·
Description: Travel in Europe. ·
Description: Travel in Caribbean, Central and South America. ·
Description: Everything and anything about travel. ·
Description: Travel in the United States and Canada.
fido7.crazy.travels ·
Description: Fidonet CRAZY.TRAVELS (Moderated) ·
Description: Fidonet RU.CARS.TRAVEL (Moderated) ·
Description: Fidonet SU.TRAVEL - travelling (Moderated) ·
Description: Travelling and tourism in Turkey ·
Description: For "All fellow travelers."
alt.sci.time-travel ·
Description: Theory of time travel. ·
Description: All about travelling to Canada. ·
Description: discussion on air travel to and from Scotland ·
Description: Personal experiences to travel ·
Description: Discussion of air travel in the UK ·
Description: Travel related services in the UK ·
Description: Personal experiences to travel ·
Description: Travel administration. (Moderated) ·
Description: Discussion of travelling ·
Description: BBS Board of Travelling
rec.gambling.misc ·
Description: All other gambling topics including travel.
rec.outdoors.rv-travel ·
Description: Discussions related to recreational vehicles. ·
Description: Wildlife, landscapes, travel tips etc.
rec.scuba.locations ·
Description: Scuba travel, location questions.
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