parent alienation
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soc.adoption.parenting ·
Description: Adoptive parenting by adoptive parents.
uk.people.parents ·
Description: Discussion about parental childcare
alt.adoption.adoptive.parenting ·
Description: Special issues with parenting adopted children.
alt.alien.visitors ·
Description: Space Aliens on Earth! Abduction! Gov't Coverup!
alt.aliens.they-are-here ·
Description: For discussion of aliens here on earth.
alt.cult-movies.alien ·
Description: The Alien series of films.
alt.gothic.parenting ·
Description: Discussion of Gothic and Alternative Parenting
alt.infertility.parenting ·
Description: For the discussion of all aspects of parenting
alt.parenting.attachment ·
Description: Parenting, attachment and bonding. (Moderated)
alt.parents-teens ·
Description: Parent-teenager relationships.
alt.robot.alien ·
Description: alt.robots.alien The terrible secret of space ·
Description: People who are foster parents. ·
Description: Helping custodial parents cope. ·
Description: Single parenting solutions and support. ·
Description: Dealing with step parents.
soc.culture.jewish.parenting ·
Description: Issues about raising Jewish children. (Moderated) ·
Description: Parenting questions, ideas, and experiences. (Moderated) ·
Description: Discussion about non-parental childcare
uk.people.parents.pregnancy ·
Description: Pregnancy and childbirth
alt.adoption.searching ·
Description: Matching adoptees and birth parents.
alt.adoptive.parenting ·
Description: ??
alt.alien.flippant ·
Description: You flippant little thing, you.
alt.alien.moderated ·
alt.alien.research ·
Description: Extraterrestial body snatching for fun and profit.
alt.alien.snuh ·
Description: i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.snuh.flonk ·
Description: i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.snuh.flonk.flonk ·
Description: i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.snuh.flonk.flonk.flonk ·
Description: i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.student.flunk.flunk.flunk ·
Description: No description.
alt.alien.vampire.biff ·
Description: biff is a mad newfrouper.
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