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Description: Computers as components in MIDI music systems. ·
Description: Miscellaneous use of computers in music. ·
Description: The use of Computers in Music Research and Composition. (Moderated) ·
Description: Music and sound questions using soundcards. ·
Description: Music as it pertains to Japanese animation. ·
Description: Musical theatre around the world ·
Description: Vocal music without instrumental accompaniment. ·
Description: Music with Afro-Latin, African and Latin influences. ·
Description: Ambient music and artists. ·
Description: All aspects of the music of the Arab world. ·
Description: The Beach Boys' music & the effect they've had. ·
Description: The music of Bruce Hornsby. ·
Description: Composer Danny Elfman's music. ·
Description: The music of Deborah Gibson. ·
Description: Emmylou Harris, her music, her friends. ·
Description: Mariah Carey and her music. ·
Description: Paul McCartney's music and life. ·
Description: Forum for fans of Bruce Springsteen's music. ·
Description: Music group The Wallflowers. ·
Description: Postings about the Fab Four & their music. ·
Description: Discussion of jazz, blues, and related types of music. ·
Description: All aspects of brazilian music. ·
Description: Traditional and modern music with a Celtic flavor. ·
Description: Christian music, both contemporary and traditional. ·
Description: Discussion about classical music. ·
Description: Contemporary classical music ·
Description: Classical music performed on guitar. ·
Description: Performing classical (including early) music. ·
Description: Classical music on CD, vinyl, cassette, etc. ·
Description: Music collecting other than vinyl or CD.
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