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Re: Paging the music-isti         

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Author: Bear
Date: Aug 14, 2008 01:59

In article <>, ogden says...
> Bear wrote:
>> Rumours or Never Mind The Bollocks next I think.
> Ah, the Rumours one is excellent. The story of a band disintegrating.

I figured it would be, hence the interest. I mean I like the album,
wimbly-wambly though it is, but it's fascinating as an example of
washing ones grubbies in public on a previously undreamt-of scale. I
don't imagine it would tell me much that's new to me, as I've read a lot
about it previously, but I find people telling a story in their own
words, and from their own perspectives, very interesting.

That said, there were some lovely little details in both the Yellow
Brick Road and Hysteria documentaries; the wonderful backing vocals on
Yellow Brick Road, and how they "did them all at the end, coz Elton's a
bloody nightmare if he's sat around doing nothing, so we'd get rid of
him, then lay them down" (as well as being reminded that Elton John was,
a long time ago, a stunning musician and songwriter, and not just some
drama queen with a syrup), and watching Phil Collen's amazingly
technical guitars on Hysteria, then watching him do them *exactly* the
same way, complete with every little intonation, in the documentary, and
watching him admit he still missed playing with Rick Savage (even though
Savage was, at best, an average studio guitarist), "coz he was so all
over the place, but it still made sense" ... you get a real sense of
"family" with them.

And even though it's not on that documentary, you also can't beat Joe
Elliot's summation of the album's tortured production (including having
to buy out the wrong producer, Steinman [1], studio fuck ups, Mutt Lange
not wanting to do it at first, Rick Allen losing an arm, studio bills on
a previously unheard of scale, etc, etc) ...
... "aye ... we 'ad us problems" :)

For the same reason, although I'm not such a huge fan of the music, I'd
love to see a documentary on the Huskadoo/Sugar sequence ... by all
accounts, going by what I've read, and quoting Mr Bob Mould; "we made
Fleetwood Mac look like best friends" :)

[1] Elliot: "I think I was the first of us to point out that, actually,
Todd Rundgren produced Bat Out Of Hell, in a practical sense ...
Steinman's a bloody songwriter, so what the hell were we doing asking
him to be a producer? Daft idea, that"
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