Re: DIY Great Repeal Act
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Re: DIY Great Repeal Act         

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Author: Tim Watts
Date: May 13, 2010 23:30

On 13/05/10 21:43, JimK wrote:
> On 13 May, 21:37, Tim> wrote:
>> I'm not entirely sure weather anyone will take any notice of this, but
>> it might be worth a browse.
>> Part P is mentioned, but the reasoning text submitted by someone is
>> utter bollocks. I've left a comment on the discussion page with a view
>> to rewriting that bit.
>> Part L isn't mentioned yet
>> --
>> Tim Watts
>> Hung parliament? Rather have a hanged parliament.
> can't help thinking this is not really going anyway - some of the
> stuff listed as "wrong" is verging on the ludicrous - Listed
> Buildings, Firearms, Foxes?
> Cheers
> JimK

I suspect not. But it's source isn't some random person, it is:

Clacton and Harwich MP Douglas Carswell, who appears to have created the
page back last year.

I like the principle, but the standard of comments, and as you point
out, the issues, indicate sadly that many of the electorate aren't very
well informed so no one will listen to them anyway.

I think, re Part P and part L, letters to one's own MP is the better
bet, and the more traditional way. At least in principle, he can pass
them to the Minister responsible directly even if he can't be arsed to
act on them himself (or even understand the issues). Let's face it - why
would my millionaire ex banker MP care about windows - he's the last
person who's likely to dirty his hands when he can get a "little man" in.
Tim Watts

Hung parliament? Rather have a hanged parliament.
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