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Re: What about Denilson....         

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Author: Benny
Date: Sep 22, 2008 20:52

> Subject : What about Denilson....
> From :
> Often not winning hardware is a matter of luck and timing. Over the
> past five seasons they've won the EPL outright, been runner-up
> another, and been runner-up in the Champions League. Last season, they
> finished within four points of the best team a leveraged club can buy
> and within two of the best money can buy, this after losing the
> putative best striker in the world (in the eyes of many, at least).
> Good clubs ebb and flow, even your beloved Milan, and Arsenal is no
> exception. What's "not working" about Wenger's policy?

The lack of silverware suggests it's not working that and the fact so
many of their star players keep leaving. In a league in which money
talks there's a real danger they're going to get left behind. I admit
many of us jumped on the Ramos bandwagon but Man City with a bottomless
pit of money are a different proposition.
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