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Re: Off topic: Battlestar Galactica         

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Author: the_iron_lion
Date: Jul 17, 2008 21:35

On 14 Jul, 14:27, Idiochronic> wrote:
> On Jul 13, 4:44 pm, " bozak" <_____boz...@gmail.com_____> wrote:
>> that shit is still on after all this time???
> This is the remake, that is probably 5 years old. Has nothing in
> common with the old show other than the names of some of the
> characters and the Cylons being the bad guys. The last season is
> pretty good, finally closing alot of holes, but i'm still mad Dee
> isn't getting more screen time.
> Firefly and the new Dr. Who (with the current doctor, not dude from
> the 1st season) are good, but for me, the best sci-fi show in the past
> 20 years is Star Trek: Next Generation.
>>Choke<<, Star Trek the next Generation??

I like The Trek. But come on, Babylon 5 shat on it from above,
Firefly i saw the movie, not the series so I take your word on it.

But The latest battlstar galactica is Nothing like
the original which I hated. It's a reflection on
all the issues of faith, Identity, refugees
, what is home, everything.

Mocha could use it as a point of discussion
with her classroom kids...:-)

All in an arc that has been going 4 seasons
and is not episodic.The media hacks rate
it as one of the best TV shows out there,
not the best sci-fi show.

Even the metal cylons look different...check the blog
from one of the CGI guys....



In fact what throws alot of people is that because
it isn't episodic like the trek, they are at a loss
to what is going on and have to scramble to usenet
of wiki to find out.You really have to what the Opening miniseries
(shown as a 2 part,2 hour movie in some places).

here's a pivotal jump in episode in season 4
you can jump in...



Though i recommend getting the box sets of the seasons,
because there is so much back story you will have to know
to make the naunces in the story really pay off.

As for the basic story of the modern Battlestar Galactica
for those who don't goes...

There are 12 colonies, on these a humaniod race
developed ai to the extent they created a robotic workforce.
The Ai got so good that they reached sentience and
fought for freedom, out of a slavery of sorts.This was the
FIRST CYLON WAR.The vicious war was fought to a
standstill and a truce was declared and the cylons allowed
to leave freely out into space, to who knows where.

An armistace station was created at the
border of "cylon and human space".It was supposed
to be manned by 1cylon and 1 human The cylons never
turned up for 40 years.Then one blew up.

What had happened over the 40 years was Cylons manged to create
first a hydrid then a synthetic human version of the cylons that could
any test, they then infriltrated the The colony worlds
and planned their revenge.

They managed to get a top AI and military guy called Baltar,
seduced him and got the keys to all the secrets that kept
The colonies safe, they then shut them down.

They nuked 90%% of all humanity, save a few stragglers
on spaceships who managed to run around the last left
space war ship, the battlestar Galactica.

This is where the series gets brilliant. Suddenly over the course of
the first season,
a new structure of leadership has to be created over these refugees
who "jump" all over space to escape the relentless cylons.


Who is in charge? the Military? The Civillians?The only high ranking
government official is the education minister, a woman,called Rosalin
Voting? In this situation?! Abortion has to be banned (great episode)
because the human race won't have enough breeding pairs to
replenish if they survive, and if the cylons can be anyone,
who do you trust?

The Cylons also appear not to die this time,
apparently they download into identical new bodies upon death.
While the human race withers and ages.


But this journey is also about the evolution for the enemies.
The cylons created 12 humaniod Cylon models (like cars),
each numbered model represents a sort of human archetype,
a generalistation.Like the Cavil model seems to be a cold
heartless pragmatist. Each model has thousands in stock,
a line who all look exactly the same.When they vote
on issues all lines vote as a block, exactly the same.

But doing all this created huge problems because now they
think like humans, they have found a faith,somehow,
one based on ONE god, unlike the humans multi-god
pagan blasphemy.They don't just logically know they are right,
they believe "the cylon God"gave them the authority
that they take over from humans.

Cylons when their conciousness is uploaded to be downloaded
in a new body at the point of death in a resurrection ship
go to "a place in between", this mysterious
place reinforces their religious views.Once downloaded they
also share all the pooled knowledge and experience
of just their line (like falling in love,empathy).
Which later starts to unbalance things.

Creating humaniod cylons gives you all the
problems of humans, like emotions, anger, falling in love
which starts to eat away at the spiritual notion of what
the humaniod cylons are to themselves.


"There is also this line running through scriptures,
that this has happened before and will happen again"
Repeated through all the seasons, why do cylons
and select humans have this vision of an Opera house?


What are the Final five? It seems to indicate they were
a previous cylon like enemy in a "cylce" before the
human cylon conflict.These five are known by the cylons
but some sort of programming inhibits exploring these

One model takes extreme action by commitiing suicide
by being shot in the head multiple times to be able to get around
the block.They revere these unknown "cylons"
who are perhaps 4000 years old.


In the show human characters have wondered if
they are really cylon sleeper agents, nearly committed suicide
"just in case" out of paranioa and confirmed cylons
have refused to join back into the cylon cause,
even though all their memories are lies.

What makes you who you are, places
you in society,your friends, your loyalty
to your species, relationships? Sentience?
A Faith outside the hardship every organism
has of survival? A civilisation? Order and
rationality? Cylons have all the above.

you can find out more here...

iron lion
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