(NBC) Oh, Ruth.... (Battlestar Galactica, Johnny Depp and tampon content)
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(NBC) Oh, Ruth.... (Battlestar Galactica, Johnny Depp and tampon content)         

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Author: Cathy
Date: Jul 11, 2008 03:26

Hey Ruth, I thought of you immediately when I just read this little
tidbit. I haven't actually ever watched Battlestar Galactica yet, but
coincidentally, the miniseries and Season 1 are in my Netflix Queue,
and I will start on them as soon as I'm done watching The Invaders.

Anyway, you know Rekha Sharma on the show? Apparently she has a
unique way of judging someone's coolness...

And then funnily enough, one of the actors whose career I would love
to have is Johnny Depp. I say that’s funny because one of my very
first experiences in the film industry, actually my very first
experience in the film industry was when 21 JUMP STREET came to our
high school. [laughs] I was way cool. Too cool for Johnny Depp. I
thought he sucked. [laughs] As I remember, he was very lovely with all
us kids. All the people from the drama group were in this one room,
the cafeteria, and one of the ADs came out and he was looking for a
stand-in for one of the actresses. And he was like “Ok, are there any
brown girls in this room?” [Rekha laughs as she tells the whole next
part]. I grew up in North Vancouver which is very white, and it was
between me or a 6 foot black Cuban woman who was a friend of mine, and
he was like “are you serious, is this it, this is all I have to choose
from?” and he was like “ok, I’ll take you” so he took me. And I was
the stand-in for one of the actresses. So I got to be really close,
and talk to the director a lot, and interact more with Johnny. I
remember him sitting in the nurses’ room and he got into the tampons
and the maxi-pads, and he was throwing them at me. It’s so ridiculous,
but so high school, that in that moment I had total respect for him
because I realized how bored he was on this television show. [the
laughs continue]. It was like, ok maybe he is a good actor.

Not many people have that story to tell.
No [we’re both trying to contain our laughter]. It’s ridiculous. I
think I have much more humility now as an adult than I did as a kid.
Both of my acting stories are so full of humor. But who am I kidding,
I’m still a total movie and music snob.

So am I, definitely.
I think most people are. They think whatever they like is the best
thing ever and other things just don’t measure up.

I get offended when I play a song for my brother of my favorite band
and he doesn’t like it. I’m like, no, they’re awesome.
[laughs] Totally, he’s just lame. So anyway! And then years later,
looking at Johnny Depp’s career, going “this is the guy who I had so
much judgment about, deciding he was cool because he threw tampons at
me. I want this guy’s career.” What an amazing career he’s had. He’s
one of the most interesting actors out there. Makes really bizarre
choices, you know, really wonderful creative things, and plays so many
interesting and different characters. I feel that he is really not
penned in by much. That’s inspiring to me to be that free to choose
such a wide variety of practices and that’s the dream to be able to
choose to work with all of people that I really admire.

(Here's the whole interview:
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