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A Day in the Life: 8/16/6         

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Author: President, USA Exile Govt.
Date: Aug 17, 2006 00:30

Free Americans Reaching
Out to Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

Via usa-exile.org>

August 16, 2006

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Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza: "People Are Crying,
Hungry, Thirsty, and Desperate"
Appeal from Churches in Gaza

by Father Manuel Musallam
August 16, 2006


Urgent appeal from Caritas and churches in Gaza

"If you wish to really understand what is taking place in the Gaza
Strip, please open your Bible and read the Lamentations of Jeremiah.
This is what we are all living. People are crying, hungry, thirsty, and
-- Father Manuel Musallam - Parish Priest- Latin
Convent, Gaza

The current situation in the Gaza Strip is descending precipitously
into a serious humanitarian disaster. Caritas Jerusalem operates a
medical centre in the Gaza Strip as well as a mobile medical clinic.
Our medical centre also engages in numerous local and regional health
campaigns to help build the health capacity of families and children in
Gaza through project activities conducted in schools and community
based organizations. We also undertake social and educational
assistance programs as well as programs and direct assistance for
catastrophic medical care cases in Gaza.

Our program manager is in daily contact with our team in the Gaza Strip
to follow up on the ongoing situation. Our medical centre in Gaza is
working full time and is presenting all services to the community
without any charge at the moment.

Our medical director, Dr. Bandaly, who is a native of Gaza, says that
he has never seen Gaza in such a bad situation. Homes have no
electricity or water. Luckily, the medical centre has its own generator
which they are using sparingly only for serious emergency situations
and they have some stored water. The medical clinic is providing
drinking water for the patients, the medical team and neighbours.
Without this stored water, there is no other readily available clean
water source for the medical clinic, except for bottled water. For our
basic needs in the medical centre, we are very well equipped. We have
basic medicines, as we were just resupplied, thank God, prior to the
beginning of this recent escalation.

Due to the main power station in Gaza being bombed, this has seriously
disrupted electrical supplies in Gaza. With the electricity cut,
ordinary people will not be able to get water pumped from wells and
this is a very hot time of year in Gaza. Cutting the power will have
serious and far reaching consequences especially for the sick, old,
small children, and babies. With no power, they cannot store food
easily. Now that the signs of military activities are pending, people
are really afraid. Children are really terrified.

The main hospital in Gaza, Al Shifa, is operating on generator power,
but they cannot keep this up for long. This is good, but sick people
still need transportation, and with no diesel fuel or gasoline, there
are no buses or taxis for transportation. The situation is really
terrible and it is the innocent, the old, the sick and small children
who are suffering the most. Our medical director also said that within
two more days they estimate that they will be walking to and from work
as there is apparently no more gasoline or diesel fuel in all Gaza for
transportation. This is a serious situation.

Dr. Bandaly, concerned of an invasion into the Gaza Strip, is asking
for urgent first aid kits that will be distributed around Gaza in case
regular citizens are forced to address medical emergencies on their
own. They want to position these resources around so, God forbid, if
need be, people will be able to do something to help injured people
because if a ground offensive takes place in Gaza, the whole region
will be under curfew and the injured will have to be treated in their
own home regions. Doctors and ambulances will not be able to reach

Our medical clinic is, thank God, fully operational. While they do not
have regular power, they are still working full time and in full force.
Thankfully, our staff are still coming to work as they are being paid
their regular salaries unlike the Palestinian governmental sector who
is without financial support for their governmental employees going on
five months.

Dr. Bandaly also pointed out that with the wage crisis in the
Palestinian Authority, his clients have no money to pay for anything.
"When the situation was better, we requested nominal co-payments for
our services and for medicines that we provided. These co-payments were
very minimal, but today people have no means to pay. We are providing
our medical treatment free. We must continue to reach out in ministry
to the sick. People really feel humiliated, tired, desperate, alone and

Food is a big problem. The people in Gaza like all other people need
access to good quality balanced food to live healthy lives. Our medical
director said: "In Gaza, we have lots of anaemic women and malnourished
children. He added: "There is no milk, meat, cheese, yogurt or anything
that requires refrigeration. This is a terrible situation. We do not
know what to do." The food that is available also cannot just be eaten
alone. To cook rice or hummus or to make bread, you need water and a
means to cook the food. This was highlighted by the people at the World
Food Programme who pointed out those basic foodstuffs like flour or
hummus cannot be consumed without the ability to add water and cook

Note: We understand that food is presently available in Gaza if the
people only have money to buy it. With the commitments to provide cash,
we can get food to hungry people right away. We can handle the
administrative details of bank transfers and other details to ensure
accountability, but with solid commitments, we can direct the
assistance to needy people right now through our Caritas team in Gaza.

Caritas Jerusalem also operates a mobile medical clinic in Gaza. This
clinic targets a number of highly marginalised areas in the Amore, Imm
Sadar, Magazi Bridge, Al Shati Camp and near Rafah in some villages and
in Breij Camp. We are focusing on these locations, targeting two to
three villages in each area. We are seeking to provide them with a
minimum of medical coverage. These areas are very poor and the people
living there are under very serious humanitarian situations of

While the Israelis have left Gaza and this has allowed for greater
internal mobility, one must remember that transportation is not free.
By bringing the medical care to them, we help them save money. We also
offer medicine at heavily subsidised prices. For example, our mobile
clinic will provide a prescription to a person for less than 1 Euro.
Often people can afford either the medicine or the transportation, but
not both. So bringing the medical care to them makes a huge difference.
For those who cannot pay anything, we give it to them free.

For almost a week, our mobile medical clinic has stopped working
because the areas where we have been targeting are near those which are
currently the target of potential military activity. Due to the
constant bombardments in Gaza, it is not safe to operate a vehicle like
our mobile clinic. These areas are isolated areas which very few people
go to. That is why we are targeting them because the need is so great.
Our medical professionals in Gaza have told us "lets wait and see what
happens for the next coupe of days before we start the mobile medical
clinic back up again."

Fr. Manuel Musallam is the parish priest at the Latin Convent in Gaza.
He said: "The people in Gaza are suffering unbelievably. They are
hungry, thirsty, have no electricity, no clean water and they are
suffering constant bombardments and sonic booms from low flying

"They are suffering from hunger. They need food. Even if there is food
for sale, people have no money to buy food. The price of food, of
course, has doubled and tripled in the situation. They have no income,
no opportunities to get food from outside and no opportunities to
secure money inside Gaza. No work. No livelihood. No future. They have
no hope and many very poor people are aimlessly wandering around trying
to beg for something from others who also have nothing. It is heart
breaking to see.

"We need food. We only need bread and water. Children and babies are
hungry. Unfortunately, we are seeing sickness increase and to add
insult to injury, people cannot afford to pay for transportation to
hospital. This is not only hard suffering for now, but this fact will
have long reverberations for the future. The sicknesses we have now
will degrade the future generation.

"Children are afraid. They are going on one week with no electricity.
No light at night. No oil or candles. Some can't even buy matches.
These children are seeing the exodus of their entities.

"Children are suffering from the sonic booms. Many have been violently
thrown from their beds at night. Many arms and legs are broken due to
this fact. These planes fly low over Gaza and then reach the speed of
sound. This shakes the ground and creates shock waves like an
earthquake that can cause a person to be thrown from their bed. I
myself weigh 120 kilos and was almost thrown from my bed due to the
shock wave produced by a low flying airplane that made a sonic boom. It
is terrifying. It is worse than a film. It is real. It is like someone
picked up your house and shook it.

"We are now going into the seventh day without water. We cannot drink
water from the ground here as it is salty and not hygienic. People can
only buy water to drink. With no electricity to pump the water from
wells, no fuel to boil, we are all thirsty. Thirsty children are
crying, afraid and desperate. Of course, those who are sick in hospital
are suffering an unimaginable horror. There is no electricity to
operate life saving machines and the simplest of treatments is not able
to be undertaken.

"These actions are war crimes. When I cry as a priest, I beg you; we do
not need pity. We only need justice. If you don't give justice, there
will be no peace. Peace is the farthest thing away from the mind of
anyone, Christian or Moslem, in Gaza at this time.

"Every minute, a minimum of two bombardments hits Gaza from the sea,
air or land. I have an employee who lives in Bet Hanoun. He told me he
has not slept in one week. Gaza cannot sleep.

"I sent the Sisters of the Baby Jesus to Jabalia Camp to check on some
poor families. They returned to me crying at the unspeakable horror
they saw. The cries of hungry children, the sullen faces of broken men
and women who are just sitting in their hungry emptiness with no light,
hope, or love. Christians must work to stop this silly war. I am
against fanaticism and violence, but these actions guarantee an
increase in support for Hamas.

"I demand that those outside of Gaza must care for us here in Gaza,
Muslims and Christians. There are no differences here in religion. A
hungry child is a hungry child. A sick person is a sick person. Our
Lord demanded through St. John that you remember us in our affliction.
We are now in a serious affliction."

Caritas Jerusalem has issued an appeal for financial support for the
project "Emergency Support for Palestine." This 1.16 million appeal was
just launched in May 2006 and contributions to the program are still
being received at this time with initial commitments already received
from Caritas Australia (29,135), Caritas Belgium (50,000), Caritas
Canada (56,543), Caritas Japan (15,666) and Caritas Spain (200,000). A
significant portion of this project will be directed to assistance for
the Gaza Strip region, which is suffering an acute crisis at this time.
This program offers assistance for food provision, medical cases,
education assistance, direct relief and assistance to create work for
the jobless. We are coordinating our assistance in Gaza through our
medical clinic, the parish priest and the Near East Council of Churches
and other partners in the area.

Caritas Jerusalem urges all parties to reject violence and make every
effort to restore some sense of calm and orderliness that is needed to
re-enter negotiations for peace. Killing, aggression, hostage taking
and efforts to harm a civilian population are wrong and must be
condemned in the strongest terms with a view to end them immediately.

Please contact your religious leaders and or elected representatives
and demand from them that the situation in Palestine not be allowed to
spiral out of control and descend into a deeper abyss of despair,
hopelessness and violence than already exists. The region of Gaza
particularly needs to see an end to violence.

To send financial assistance, please contact:

"Love is not the starving of whole populations. Love is not the
bombardment of open cities. Love is not killing, it is the laying down
of one's life for one's friends. Our manifesto is the Sermon on the
Mount, which means that we will try to be peacemakers." - Dorothy Day

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For media inquiries: crgeditor@yahoo.com

) Copyright Manuel Musallam, GlobalResearch.ca, 2006

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From: Naveed yahoo.com>
Date: August 16, 2006 1:19:47 AM EST
To: 911truthaction@yahoogroups.com
Reply-To: 911TruthAction@yahoogroups.com

We got to be vigilant!!!



(Total411.info) A nuclear attack is the only way to successfully
conquer Iran -- and a false-flag nuclear attack is the only way the
neocon war cabal can justify a nuclear attack on Iran. Such false-flag
attacks are regularly bootlegged through military drills and wargames
so the warmakers can confuse good people inside the military and divert
resources as needed.

Last August this site was instrumental in shutting down the Sudden
Response '05 drill. Sudden Response was a mock nuclear drill based in
Charleston, South Carolina. The general in charge of the operation had
been fired just weeks before and various military flacks were caught in
equivocations about the nature of the drill. This site and others
pegged the drill as having a high danger of "going live," like drills
conducted on 9/11 and in London on 7/7/2005.

So much publicity was drummed up about the Sudden Response 05 situation
that the story made the front page of the Charleston newspaper and the
drill had to be massively scaled down; and ultimately, thankfully, did
not go live.

But now the sequel to Sudden Response 05 is upon us, this year in
Hawaii. After NORTHCOM got an earful from wary Americans last year,
this year's exercise is being run out of another command. The name is
no longer "Sudden Response," but make no mistake, it's the same drill
-- "terrorists" detonating a nuclear weapon in a major U.S. harbor.
With the 9/11 myth falling apart, astute commentators such as Alex
Jones have raised the code-red alarm that another false flag attack is
imminent. The nuclear drill in Hawaii scheduled for August 15-17 is
most likely outlet for such a scenario, and we have only days to stop

Here is a background report from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin of August
6 with more analysis to follow below:

"For 34 straight hours beginning Aug. 15, state Civil Defense planners
will be manning the command center inside Diamond Head Crater in an
exercise to cope with the effects of the detonation of a low-yield
nuclear bomb planted by terrorists. It's one of 15 scenarios -- wiping
out 30 percent of the communications in the downtown area and killing
10,000 people -- involving improvised nuclear devices that the Defense
Threat Reduction Agency wants states to prepare for, according to
Edward Teixeira, state vice civil defense director. "The state civil
defense's job will be to tie into the various, state, city and
non-governmental agencies and to coordinate their efforts," Teixeira

The mock half-kiloton nuclear explosion would take place at the
entrance of Honolulu Harbor and would result in immediate casualties of
nearly 400 people within 2,000 feet of ground zero, Teixeira said.

But because it will take place near government centers of the state
Capitol and City Hall, "the electromagnetic pulse could knock down 30
percent of our communications ability," he added.

Coordinating the combined state-county-federal operation will be Maj.
Gen. Vern Miyagi, who is the mobilization assistant to Adm. William
Fallon, head of Pacific Forces in the Pacific.

More than 700 state, city and military planners will participate in the
mock exercise, dubbed "Exercise A Kele," running Aug. 15-17.

Because the state did not want to interfere with the operations of
Honolulu Harbor, Bellows Air Force Station will be the stand-in for the

The Coast Guard will run its operations from the Clean Island Council
on Sand Island The Queen's Medical Center also will be utilized.

Teixeira, a retired Army colonel who used to work with Pershing nuclear
rockets, said the scenario envisions 10,000 casualties during the first
48 hours not only from the immediate blast but also from the nuclear

"No question all of urban Honolulu and maybe even as far as Ewa Beach
will feel such a blast," Teixeira said. "But in the early moments no
one will know whether it was natural or manmade or that it's even

The blast zone would encompass Sand Island and the Coast Guard Station
and the state park located there, he said. "The prevailing trades would
then take plume out over the ocean moving parallel down the coast to

"An improvised nuclear device of that size may be a more real threat,"
Teixeira said, "and a terrorist group planting it at a harbor is a real

Teixeira said in Hawaiian "a" can mean "hot and fiery," while "kele"
can be translated to mean "impurity." There is no Hawaiian word for

This story and a similar one on the Honolulu Advertiser try to play
this exercise off as originating at the state rather than the
federal/military level. But that is a flimsy fig leaf indeed, as we see
that the response is being coordinated from the US Pacific Command at
Camp H.M. Smith in Hawaii.

Now, as the Star-Bulletin reports, the defensive "blue team" is be
heading by a Gen. Miyagi. But who will be heading the offensive enemy
"red team"?

The best bet is a Major General David Fridovich, head of Special
Operations Command, Pacific (SOCPAC), also based at Camp Smith.

Fridovich's background raises red flags for students of false flag
terror. Fridovich was Commander of Special Operations Task
Force-Philippines in 2002 when an undercover British-American agent in
the Philippines, Michael Meiring, blew himself up constructing a
terrorist bomb.

As USPACOM Deputy Director for Operations Gen. Fridovich, continued to
"coordinate" with the Philippine military in 2003, hundreds of
soldiers, led by scores of Philippine officers, rebelled, asserting
that two so-called "terror bombings' were in fact false-flag inside
jobs orchestrated inside the armed forces.

Unsurprisingly, Fridovich -- a graduate of the British Forces' Royal
College of Defence Studies -- has continued to rise in the ranks of the
Bush/Rumsfeld military through all of this.

Hawaiians, Americans, and humans seeking to thwart false flag terror
attacks should ask each other, the media, and public servants the
following questions:

Are you aware of the Hawaii nuclear drill, Operation A Kele?

Are you aware that military exercises are used as cover for
inside-job false-flag terror, such as on 9/11 and 7/7?

Do you think SOCPAC Major Gen. Fridovich is loyal to America and
the U.S. Constitution, or is he loyal to the PNAC neocon war cabal and
their desire for a "New Pearl Harbor"?
And here's who to ask:

Special Operations Command, Pacific (SOCPAC), Camp H.M. Smith, HI
Phone: 808-477-6180; Fax: 808-477-0001

U.S. Pacific Command Public Affairs; Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii (808)
477-1362 ; Duty phone: (808) 348-1734

Hawaii National Guard: (808) 733-4258

Hawaii Public Radio : (808) 955-8821 ; hprnews@lava.net

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle: 808-586-0034; Fax: 808-586-0006

KHNR 97.5 FM / 870 AM (808) 533-0065; Fax: (808) 524-2104

KORL 690 AM (808) 538-9690 & 246-4444; Fax: (808) 538-9548

KGU 760 AM "Hawaii's Christian Talk" -- Studio: (808) 296-7676

KUMU 1500 AM: (808) 947-1500 Fax: (808) 947-1506

KNDI 1270 AM: (808) 946-2844; (808) 946-2845

KHBZ 9900: (808)-528-3981

KHNL NBC 8 Newsroom: 808 847-1112

KGMB9 Newsroom: (808) 973-9889

KITV 4 Newsroom: (808) 536-9979

KHON2 Newsroom: (808) 536-9979

KHVH 830 Studio Line: 1-888-565-8388; (808)-521-8383

KSSK AM/FM Newsroom: Phone (808) 528-3981

Honolulu Advertiser newsroom (808) 525-8090; Fax (808) 525-8037;

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 808-529-4747

FEMA Region IX: (510) 627-7006

POSTSCRIPT: It is also worthwhile to note that August 17th, the
culmination of the A Kele exercise, is the pagan feast of Portunalia,
celebrating the god of harbors and portals, Portunes -- also the god of
opening of locked gates. The Portunalia festivals would end with the
throwing of keys into a roaring fire. In the 21st century, a fiery
nuclear blast would open the doors to a new age of nuclear warfare.

--- Posted at 12:21



From: Henri the Celt gci.net>
Date: August 15, 2006 11:48:33 PM EST
Subject: Former British Ambassador Says Terror Alert Is "Propaganda"

Former British Ambassador Says Terror Alert Is "Propaganda"
say group linked to liquid bombers controlled by Pakistan's ISI

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 16 2006


Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray says the alleged
transatlantic liquid bomb plot is staged-managed propaganda on behalf
of Bush and Blair - who yearn for a "new 9/11" to absolve them of
domestic political trouble.

Murray previously blew the whistle on how the British government was
using evidence obtained from torture in Uzbekistan - inflicted on its
population US-funded regime of Islam Karimov - the dictator who likes
to boil people alive.

Murray questions the intent and capability of the alleged terrorists to
carry out the attack and offers the likelihood that evidence of the
plot was obtained through torture in Pakistan.

"None of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb. None had bought a
plane ticket. Many did not even have passports, which given the
efficiency of the UK Passport Agency would mean they couldn't be a
plane bomber for quite some time," says Murray (pictured).

"In the absence of bombs and airline tickets, and in many cases
passports, it could be pretty difficult to convince a jury beyond
reasonable doubt that individuals intended to go through with suicide
bombings, whatever rash stuff they may have bragged in internet chat

"Then an interrogation in Pakistan revealed the details of this amazing
plot to blow up multiple planes - which, rather extraordinarily, had
not turned up in a year of surveillance. Of course, the interrogators
of the Pakistani dictator have their ways of making people sing like
canaries. As I witnessed in Uzbekistan, you can get the most
extraordinary information this way. Trouble is it always tends to give
the interrogators all they might want, and more, in a desperate effort
to stop or avert torture. What it doesn't give is the truth."

Murray describes the alert as "more propaganda than plot," and points
out that of all the Muslim terror suspects who have been charged, 80%%
have been acquitted and only 2%% have ever been convicted on offenses
related to terrorism.

Meanwhile, Delhi police in India claim they have concrete evidence that
proves collusion between Pakistani intelligence service ISI and the
terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in carrying out militant attacks in

One of the alleged mastermind's of the liquid bomb plot, Rashid Rauf,
is a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba. The ISI is a CIA front and the CIA have
privately ignored their control of terror groups while publicly lauding
Pakistan's status as an ally in the war on terror.

On Monday night it emerged that elements of MI5 wanted the liquid bomb
plot to proceed and make the arrests only after the attack had taken
place - sacrificing an estimated 3,000 lives and ensuring Britain
experienced its own 9/11.


NOTE: It's pleasant to have Ralph Nader becoming feisty. Now if he'd
just start telling the truth about 9/11. . . -- kl, pp

From: Henri the Celt gci.net>
Date: August 15, 2006 11:20:46 PM EST
Subject: Open letter to President George W. Bush By Ralph Nader

Letter to President George W. Bush

By Ralph Nader
Aug. 14, 2006

Open letter to President George W. Bush:

The widespread destruction of a defenseless Lebanonits civilians, its
life-sustaining public services, its environmentis a grim and
indelible testament to your consummate cruelty and ignorance. Nearly
two weeks ago when your tardy Secretary of State met with the Israeli
Prime Minister, the message she carried was summarized in a large
headline across page one of an Israeli newspaper, "TAKE YOUR TIME."

Yes, take your time, says George W. Bush, pulverizing fleeing refugees
in cars full of families, bombing apartment buildings, hospitals and
the poor huddled in large south Beirut slums.

Take your time, says George W. Bush, in destroying bridges, roads,
gasoline stations, airports, seaports, wheat silos, vehicles with
medical supplies, clearly marked ambulances taking the wounded to
clinics, even a milk factory .

Take your time, says George W. Bush, while shelters are demolished with
bodies of little children together with their mothers and fathers
buried in the rubble.

Take your time, says George W. Bush, while the number of fleeing
refugees nears one million Lebanese, many exposed to hunger, disease,
lack of potable water and medicines. All this in a country friendly to
the United States, which played by your rules, protested the Syrian
army back into Syria and was trying democratically to put itself

Take your time, says George W. Bush, while he speeds more supplies of
precision missiles containing deadly anti-personnel cluster bombs which
will claim the lives of innocent children for years into the future.
The phosphorous bombs laying waste to fields growing crops and horribly
burning innocents come from the U.S.A. under your direction.

Do you think the taxpayers of America would approve of such shipped
weapons were they ever asked?

Are there words in the English language suitable for the impeachable
serial war crimes you are intimately involved in committing not only in
Iraq but also now through your encouragement and supplying of the once
again invading Israeli government?

Are there words to describe your strategic stupidity which will
further increase opposition and peril to the United States around the
world and especially in the Middle East? Your own Generals and former
CIA Director, Porter Goss, among others in your Administration, have
declared that your occupation of Iraq is a magnet attracting the
recruiting and training of more and more "terrorists" from Iraq and
other countries. And so now this will be the case in Lebanon. All this
is a growing "blowback," to use the CIA word for a boomeranging foreign
policy, that is endangering the security of the United States.

The calibrated Israeli terror bombing of Lebanon comes in three stages.
With its electronic pinpoint precision bombing and artillery, the
Israeli government goes after civilians, their homes, cities, towns and
villages. Then after telling some to abandon their neighborhoods, it
cuts population centers off from each other by destroying
transportation facilities into and inside Lebanon, making both refugee
flight and delivery of emergency relief efforts either impossible or
very difficult. Then its planes, tanks and artillery endanger or
destroy what food, water and relief efforts manage to get through to
the injured and dying. Warehouse food supplies are incinerated. About
four hundred small fishing boats north of Beirut on the oil-polluted
coastline were demolished as well.

All the above mayhem and much more have been reported in the U.S.,
European, Lebanese and Israeli media. The bulk of the fatalities in
Lebanon have been civilians. The bulk of the fatalities on the Israeli
side have been soldiers. Very fortunately for the Israelis, the
Hezbollah rockets are very inaccurate, the vast majority falling

Unfortunately for the Lebanese, the precision American armaments of
the Israelis are very accurate, which serves to account for why the
total casualties and physical destruction are 100 times greater in
Lebanon than in Israel.

Most of these accurate munitions come from your decision to send them.
Knowing they will be used for offensive purposes, including the lethal
demolition of a long-established UN compound, in violation of the Arms
Export Control Act which you have sworn to uphold, places the
responsibility of being a domestic law breaker squarely on your

There is another law that is not being enforcedthe Humanitarian Aid
Corridor Act of 1996 sponsored by then Republican Senator Robert Dole.
Foreign aid is supposed to be cut off to any nation that obstructs the
provision of humanitarian aid to another country. As one example, press
reports that two tankers, each with 30,000 tons of diesel fuel critical
for operating Lebanese hospitals and water pumping stations, are idling
in Cyprus from fear of the totally dominant Israeli navy and air force.

There are only a few days left of fuel in Lebanon, which is heading
for a larger wave of secondary casualties. They and other critical
suppliers need safe passage which the U.S. Navy in the area can readily
provide, should it receive orders from the Commander in Chief.

You heard high Israeli officials accurately say on the day the massive
bombing of Lebanon began, followed not preceded by Hezbollah rockets,
that "nothing in Lebanon is safe." That huge over-reaction to the
recent Hezbollah border raid, in addition to many more previous air,
sea and land border violations by the Israeli government, certainly put
you on public notice.

Since you view yourself as a reborn Christian, and since you have the
power to stop the Israeli state terror assaults on Lebanon, you may
wish to reflect on Leviticus 19:16 "Neither shalt thou stand idly by
the blood of thy neighbor." Lebanon was a friendly country to you and
you have stood by not just idly, but willfully aiding and abetting its



From: Henri the Celt gci.net>
Date: August 15, 2006 2:38:30 PM EST
Subject: Fw: [UrukNet] - [Daily Information from Occupied Iraq] -
[newsletter 14 Aug 2006 - Part One]

:: information from occupied iraq
:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Ceasefire or Trojan Horse?
Mike Whitney

Israels sudden push to the Litani River is a blatant act of political
desperation intended to conceal the humiliating defeat the IDF has
suffered at the hands of Hezbollah. It comes in the wake of a UN
ceasefire agreement worked out by friends of Israel in the Bush
administration who were looking for a diplomatic way for Olmert to
climb down from Israels greatest debacle since the Yom Kippur war. The
so-called ceasefire is tailored to stop the victim of Israeli
aggression! from defending himself, but provides the IDF with the
go-ahead to continue its rampage. Such is the Kafkaesque logic of the
United Nations and their puppet-masters in Tel Aviv (...) The UN
ceasefire agreement was clearly written in close collaboration with
Israel. It allows the IDF to continue "defensive operations" while
Hezbollah is required to stop fighting. Israel interprets this as a
green light for aggressively pursuing Hezbollah. ..

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Captured Prisoners: The Full Story

There is much talk of the current war against Lebanon being triggered
by Hezbollah's capturing of two Israeli soldiers. Not only is this
statement inaccurate, its excessive recycling creates the false
perception that only the two Israelis in Lebanon and the one in Gaza
are the prisoners of this conflict. If Americans Knew, is a great
website that tracks bias in the news coverage of the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Now it has produced a great 15-minute
video titled "Captured Prisoners: The Full Story," which puts in
perspective the issue of the prisoners of the conflict, highlighting
the plight of the 9,000 prisoners in Israeli jails, and tens of
thousands of Palestinians who graduated from them...

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An Interview with Dr. Ismail Zayid, President of the Canadian
Palestinian Association
Angie Tibbs

Israels ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from 1947 to the
present has caused monumental devastation to the exiled, those hundreds
of thousands who were forced from their homes and never allowed to
return. Dr. Ismail Zayids family suffered this unspeakable horror in
1967 when their village of Beit Nuba was erased from the face of the
earth by Israeli bulldozers (...) Dr. Zayid: The Israeli war crimes in
Lebanon and Gaza are part and parcel of the continuing Zionist agenda
of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their homeland and the
Lebanese from South Lebanon. The campaign in Lebanon is an attempt to
achieve some of the longstanding Zionist designs on Lebanon which were
first formulated in the submission of the World Zionist Organisation to
the Versailles Peace Conference in Paris in 1919..

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The Foiled UK Terror Plot and the "Pakistani Connection"
Michel Chossudovsky, GlobalResearch.ca

The announcement by the British Home Office of a foiled terror plot to
simultaneously blow up as many as ten airplanes on transatlantic
flights, conveys the impression that it is the Western World rather
than the Middle East which is under attack. Had the terrorist plot gone
ahead as planned, it would have resulted in "the loss of life on an
unprecedented scale", said Home Secretary John Reid. (BBC, 10 August
2006). ! "We are confident we have disrupted a plan by terrorists to
cause untold death and destruction.... Put simply, this was intended to
be mass murder on an unimaginable scale", said Deputy Commissioner of
the Metropolitan police, Paul Stephenson. (Complete statement, 10
August 2006) The London terror warning has served to divert World
public attention from the war in Lebanon and the atrocities committed
by coalition forces in the Middle East...

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Liquid Bombing the Constitution
Kurt Nimmo

Michael Chertoff, the Federalist Society gremlin and current bossman of
the Ministry of Homeland Security, has it out for the Constitution. "We
have to make sure our legal system allows us" to trash the Bill of
Rights, Chertoff told the Associated Press. "Its not like the 20th
century, where you had time to get warrants." In order to create the
proper environment for chucking the Constitution, the neocons are
pushing hard on the latest incident of fake terrorism, a hyped
non-attack led by a pregnant woman and a pizza delivery driver...

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Is Jill Carroll lying?
Truth About Iraqis

Adnan was gone. The rotund man was in the driver's seat now. Other men
jumped in sandwiching me between them. We sped away, out onto the main
road, then turned right. "Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!" my abductors shouted,
excited and joyful. "Jihad! Jihad!" My captors peppered me with
questions in Arabic. I played dumb, fearful they would think I
understood too much and kill me. This from the first of many interviews
with freelance reporter Jill Carroll. I find this very str! ange.
Yelling Jihad over and over sounds out of touch with Arab mannerisms.
Have you ever seen videos of Iraqi fighters downing Apache helicopters
or Abrams tanks or even blowing up US armored vehicles? Listen to the
audio. They never shout Jihad, Jihad, Jihad. You call someone to Jihad,
you embark on a Jihad, but you do not scream Jihad as if it were an
offshoot of Hooray, Yipee, or Alright. Jihad is not meant to sound like
woooohaaa (...) In fact, the shouting of Jihad sounds like something
out of a bad Hollywood movie where non-Arabs don Arab garb and shout a
word familiar to Hollywood audiences. I'm sorry, but it is just
incorrect for an Arab to shout Jihad in such a situation. It does not
fit. So, I have to come to the following conclusions: 1) Jill Carroll
is lying; 2) Jill Carroll misunderstood; 3) Her captors were not really

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The cry of "wolf!" over terror: A comment on the plane "plot"
Richard Marsden, The Business of Emotions

If President Bush would like us to take these Terror Alerts
seriouslyre the alleged air terror plot in Englandhe should stop
making political capital out of them. Do we really need yet another
reminder that: This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use
any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation.
Well, no we don't, but he and the Republicans do. So, too, does Tony
Blair who must face a back-bench revolt over his position over Israel
and Lebanon when he returns from his vacation in the Bahamas. And Ehud
Olmert, Israel's prime minister, no doubt would like his mind taken off
his rapidly diminishing credibility. Above all, this terrible trio
would appreciate anything that diverts attention from the grotesque
spectacle of the Anglo-Israeli-American destruction of Lebanon...

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The 'peace' dividend.
Lenin's Tomb

Israel is about to swing dramatically to the right, if current
indications are anything to go by. Israelis interviewed on Channel Four
news all (aside from twits like Michael Oren, the historical fabricator
cum Israeli military spokesperson) expressed dismay. Not at the
butchery inflicted on Lebanon. Not at the obscene massacres carried out
by the IDF. Not by the despicable excuses given by their government for
leading them into an unnecessary and brutal war. But at the fact tha! t
they lost. Oh, they all know the Lebanese resistance won this one. A
couple of days ago, a poll found that only 20%% of Israelis believed
they were winning. I'd be surprised if that many believe they've won.
Returning soldiers look shell-shocked. They can't believe it...

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Are New Weapons Being Used In Gaza and Lebanon
David Halpin MB BS FRCS

Gulf News reported a claim by Dr Al Saqqa, Head of the Emergency Unit
of El Shifa Hospital, Gaza on 7-07-06 that the Israeli Occupation Force
was using a new 'chemical' weapon. He has worked at El Shifa for ten
years. He had noted that two hundred and more casualties of Summer Rain
(sic) had unusual wounds. These numbers included about fifty children.
Later evidence from Dr Al Saqqa described surface wounds as having the
general appearance of those due to 'shrapnel' fragments from shell,
missile or bomb casings but no fragments were to be seen on Xray.
There were usually entry and exit wounds. When the wounds were explored
no foreign material was found. There was tissue death, the extent of
which was difficult to determine. It is vital, especially with deep
wounds, to excise all dead tissue. A higher deep infection rate
resulted with subsequent amputation. In spite of amputation there was a
higher mortality (...) Surgeons in Lebanon have also claimed that new
and more injurious weapons have been used...

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From: Rick Davis
Date: August 15, 2006 2:52:15 AM EST
Subject: Depleted Uranium: U.S. Soldiers Are Sick of It


U.S. Soldiers Are Sick of It

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Associated Press 10:20 AM Aug, 12, 2006

NEW YORK -- It takes at least 10 minutes and a large glass of orange
juice to wash down all the pills -- morphine, methadone, a muscle
relaxant, an antidepressant, a stool softener. Viagra for sexual
dysfunction. Valium for his nerves.

Four hours later, Herbert Reed will swallow another 15 mg of morphine
to cut the pain clenching every part of his body. He will do it twice
more before the day is done.

Since he left a bombed-out train depot in Iraq, his gums bleed. There
is more blood in his urine, and still more in his stool. Bright light
hurts his eyes. A tumor has been removed from his thyroid. Rashes erupt
everywhere, itching so badly they seem to live inside his skin.
Migraines cleave his skull. His joints ache, grating like door hinges
in need of oil.

There is something massively wrong with Herbert Reed, though no one is
sure what it is. He believes he knows the cause, but he cannot convince
anyone caring for him that the military's new favorite weapon has made
him terrifyingly sick.

In the sprawling bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs, he
has many caretakers. An internist, a neurologist, a pain-management
specialist, a psychologist, an orthopedic surgeon and a dermatologist.
He cannot function without his stupefying arsenal of medications, but
they exact a high price.

"I'm just a zombie walking around," he says.

Reed believes depleted uranium has contaminated him and his life. He
now walks point in a vitriolic war over the Pentagon's arsenal of it --
thousands of shells and hundreds of tanks coated with the metal that is
radioactive, chemically toxic, and nearly twice as dense as lead.

A shell coated with depleted uranium pierces a tank like a hot knife
through butter, exploding on impact into a charring inferno. As tank
armor, it repels artillery assaults. It also leaves behind a fine
radioactive dust with a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

Depleted uranium is the garbage left from producing enriched uranium
for nuclear weapons and energy plants. It is 60 percent as radioactive
as natural uranium. The United States has an estimated 1.5 billion
pounds of it, sitting in hazardous waste storage sites across the
country. Meaning it is plentiful and cheap as well as highly effective.

Reed says he unknowingly breathed DU dust while living with his unit in
Samawah, Iraq. He was med-evaced out in July 2003, nearly unable to
walk because of lightning-strike pains from herniated discs in his
spine. Then began a strange series of symptoms he'd never experienced
in his previously healthy life.

At Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C, he ran into a
buddy from his unit. And another, and another, and in the tedium of
hospital life between doctor visits and the dispensing of meds, they
began to talk.

"We all had migraines. We all felt sick," Reed says. "The doctors said,
'It's all in your head.' "

Then the medic from their unit showed up. He too, was suffering. That
made eight sick soldiers from the 442nd Military Police, an Army
National Guard unit made up of mostly cops and correctional officers
from the New York area.

But the medic knew something the others didn't. Dutch marines had taken
over the abandoned train depot dubbed Camp Smitty, which was surrounded
by tank skeletons, unexploded ordnance and shell casings. They'd
brought radiation-detection devices. The readings were so hot, the
Dutch set up camp in the middle of the desert rather than live in the
station ruins.

"We got on the Internet," Reed said, "and we started researching
depleted uranium."

Then they contacted The New York Daily News, which paid for
sophisticated urine tests available only overseas.

Then they hired a lawyer.

Reed, Gerard Matthew, Raymond Ramos, Hector Vega, Augustin Matos,
Anthony Yonnone, Jerry Ojeda and Anthony Phillip all have depleted
uranium in their urine, according to tests done in December 2003, while
they bounced for months between Walter Reed and New Jersey's Fort Dix
medical center, seeking relief that never came.

The analyses were done in Germany, by a Frankfurt professor who
developed a depleted uranium test with Randall Parrish, a professor of
isotope geology at the University of Leicester in Britain.

The veterans, using their positive results as evidence, have sued the
U.S. Army, claiming officials knew the hazards of depleted uranium, but
concealed the risks.

The Department of Defense says depleted uranium is powerful and safe,
and not that worrisome.

Four of the highest-registering samples from Frankfurt were sent to the
VA. Those results were negative, Reed said. "Their test just isn't as
sophisticated," he said. "And when we first asked to be tested, they
told us there wasn't one. They've lied to us all along."

The VA's testing methodology is safe and accurate, the agency says.
More than 2,100 soldiers from the current war have asked to be tested;
only eight had DU in their urine, the VA said.

The term depleted uranium is linguistically radioactive. Simply
uttering the words can prompt a reaction akin to preaching atheism at
tent revival. Heads shake, eyes roll, opinions are yelled from all

"The Department of Defense takes the position that you can eat it for
breakfast and it poses no threat at all," said Steve Robinson of the
National Gulf War Resource Center, which helps veterans with various
problems, including navigating the labyrinth of VA health care. "Then
you have far-left groups that ... declare it a crime against humanity."

Several countries use it as weaponry, including Britain, which fired it
during the 2003 Iraq invasion.

An estimated 286 tons of DU munitions were fired by the United States
in Iraq and Kuwait in 1991. An estimated 130 tons were shot toppling
Saddam Hussein.

Depleted uranium can enter the human body by inhalation, the most
dangerous method; by ingesting contaminated food or eating with
contaminated hands; by getting dust or debris in an open wound, or by
being struck by shrapnel, which often is not removed because doing so
would be more dangerous than leaving it.

Inhaled, it can lodge in the lungs. As with imbedded shrapnel, this is
doubly dangerous -- not only are the particles themselves physically
destructive, they emit radiation.

A moderate voice on the divisive DU spectrum belongs to Dan Fahey, a
doctoral student at the University of California at Berkeley, who has
studied the issue for years and also served in the Gulf War before
leaving the military as a conscientious objector.

"I've been working on this since '93 and I've just given up hope," he
said. "I've spoken to successive federal committees and elected
officials ... who then side with the Pentagon. Nothing changes."

At the other end are a collection of conspiracy-theorists and internet
proselytizers who say using such weapons constitutes genocide. Two of
the most vocal opponents recently suggested that a depleted-uranium
missile, not a hijacked jetliner, struck the Pentagon in 2001.

"The bottom line is it's more hazardous than the Pentagon admits,"
Fahey said, "but it's not as hazardous as the hard-line activist groups
say it is. And there's a real dearth of information about how DU
affects humans."

There are several studies on how it affects animals, though their
results are not, of course, directly applicable to humans. Military
research on mice shows that depleted uranium can enter the bloodstream
and come to rest in bones, the brain, kidneys and lymph nodes. Other
research in rats shows that DU can result in cancerous tumors and
genetic mutations, and pass from mother to unborn child, resulting in
birth defects.

Iraqi doctors reported significant increases in birth defects and
childhood cancers after the 1991 invasion.

Iraqi authorities "found that uranium, which affected the blood cells,
had a serious impact on health: The number of cases of leukemia had
increased considerably, as had the incidence of fetal deformities," the
U.N. reported.

Depleted uranium can also contaminate soil and water, and coat
buildings with radioactive dust, which can by carried by wind and

In 2005, the U.N. Environmental Program identified 311 polluted sites
in Iraq. Cleaning them will take at least $40 million and several
years, the agency said. Nothing can start until the fighting stops.

Fifteen years after it was first used in battle, there is only one U.S.
government study monitoring veterans exposed to depleted uranium.
Number of soldiers in the survey: 32. Number of soldiers in both Iraq
wars: more than 900,000.

The study group's size is controversial -- far too small, say experts
including Fahey -- and so are the findings of the voluntary,
Baltimore-based study. It has found "no clinically significant" health
effects from depleted uranium exposure in the study subjects, according
to its researchers.

Critics say the VA has downplayed participants' health problems,
including not reporting one soldier who developed cancer, and another
who developed a bone tumor.

So for now, depleted uranium falls into the quagmire of Gulf War
Syndrome, from which no treatment has emerged despite the government's
spending of at least $300 million.

About 30 percent of the 700,000 men and women who served in the first
Gulf War still suffer a baffling array of symptoms very similar to
those reported by Reed's unit.

Depleted uranium has long been suspected as a possible contributor to
Gulf War Syndrome, and in the mid-90s, veterans helped push the
military into tracking soldiers exposed to it.

But for all their efforts, what they got in the end was a questionnaire
dispensed to homeward-bound soldiers asking about mental health,
nightmares, losing control, exposure to dangerous and radioactive

But, the veterans persisted, how would soldiers know they'd been
exposed? Radiation is invisible, tasteless, and has no smell. And what
exhausted, homesick, war-addled soldier would check a box that would
only send him or her to a military medical center to be poked and
prodded and questioned and tested?

It will take years to determine how depleted uranium affected soldiers
from this war. After Vietnam, veterans, in numbers that grew with the
passage of time, complained of joint aches, night sweats, bloody feces,
migraine headaches, unexplained rashes and violent behavior; some
developed cancers.

It took more than 25 years for the Pentagon to acknowledge that Agent
Orange -- a corrosive defoliant used to melt the jungles of Vietnam and
flush out the enemy -- was linked to those sufferings.

It took 40 years for the military to compensate sick World War II vets
exposed to massive blasts of radiation during tests of the atomic bomb.
In 2002, Congress voted to not let that happen again.

It established the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans'
Illnesses -- composed of scientists, physicians and veterans'
advocates. It reports to the secretary of Veterans Affairs. Its mandate
is to judge all research and all efforts to treat Gulf War Syndrome
patients against a single standard: Have sick soldiers been made

The answer, according to the committee, is no.

"Regrettably, after four years of operation neither the Committee nor
(the) VA can report progress toward this goal," stated its December
2005 report. "Research has not produced effective treatments for these
conditions nor shown that existing treatments are significantly

And so time marches on, as do soldiers going to, and returning from,
the deserts of Iraq.

Herbert Reed is an imposing man, broad shouldered and tall. He strides
into the VA Medical Center in the Bronx with the presence of a cop or a
soldier. Since the Vietnam War, he has been both.

His hair is perfect, his shirt spotless, his jeans sharply creased. But
there is something wrong, a niggling imperfection made more noticeable
by a bearing so disciplined. It is a limp -- more like a hitch in his
get-along. It is the only sign, albeit a tiny one, that he is extremely

Even sleep offers no release. He dreams of gunfire and bombs and
soldiers who scream for help. No matter how hard he tries, he never
gets there in time.

At 54, he is a veteran of two wars and a 20-year veteran of the New
York Police Department, where he last served as an assistant warden at
the Riker's Island prison. He was in perfect health, he says, before
being deployed to Iraq.

According to military guidelines, he should have heard the words
depleted uranium long before he ended up at Walter Reed. He should have
been trained about its dangers, and how to avoid prolonged exposure to
its toxicity and radioactivity. He says he didn't get anything of the
kind. Neither did other reservists and National Guard soldiers called
up for the current war, according to veterans' groups.

Reed and the seven brothers from his unit hate what has happened to
them, and they speak of it at public seminars and in politicians'
offices. It is something no VA doctor can explain; something that
leaves them feeling like so many spent shell rounds, kicked to the side
of battle.

But for every outspoken soldier like them, there are silent veterans
like Raphael Naboa, an Army artillery scout who served 11 months in the
northern Sunni Triangle, only to come home and fall apart. Some days he
feels fine. "Some days I can't get out of bed," he said from his home
in Colorado.

Now 29, he's had growths removed from his brain. He has suffered a
small stroke -- one morning he was shaving, having put down the razor
to rinse his face. In that moment, he blacked out and pitched over.
"Just as quickly as I lost consciousness, I regained it," he said.
"Except I couldn't move the right side of my body." After about 15
minutes, the paralysis ebbed.

He has mentioned depleted uranium to his VA doctors, who say he suffers
from a series of "non-related conditions." He knows he was exposed to
DU. "A lot of guys went trophy-hunting, grabbing bayonets, helmets,
stuff that was in the vehicles that were destroyed by depleted uranium.
My guys were rooting around in it. I was trying to get them out of the

No one in the military talked to him about depleted uranium, he said.
His knowledge, like Reed's, is self-taught from the internet. Unlike
Reed, he has not gone to war over it. He doesn't feel up to the fight.
There is no known cure for what ails him, and so no possible victory in

He'd really just like to feel normal again. And he knows of others who
feel the same.

"I was an artillery scout, these are folks who are in pretty good
shape. Your Rangers, your Special Forces guys, they're in as good as
shape as a professional athlete.

"Then we come back and we're all sick."

They feel like men who once were warriors and now are old before their
time, with no hope for relief from a multitude of miseries that has no


From: "Dick Eastman" nwinfo.net>
Date: August 15, 2006 9:59:24 PM EST
Subject: [911TruthAction] Fw: Bombs in the North Tower on lower floors
before South Tower was hit. -- NY Fireman Lou Cacchioli Says 9/11
Commission Twisted His Words
Reply-To: 911TruthAction@yahoogroups.com

Subject: 911 TRUTH:
NY Fireman Lou Cacchioli Says 9/11 Commission Twisted His Words

NY Fireman Lou Cacchioli Says 9/11 Commission Twisted His Words



When Co. 47 arrived with Cacchioli leading the way as the senior member
of the crew, the second plane had already hit the south tower and they
were told to head directly to the Marriot Hotel across from the WTC,
since a fire was blazing form debris falling from the towers. Cacchioli
recalls hearing radio reports of people jumping and when he got
closer to the Marriot, the reports turned into reality.

I looked up and there were about 6 to 10 people flying through the air
coming down right on us, said Cacchioli. It was horrible when they
hit the ground, something you had to turn your eyes away from. One of
the jumpers landed directly on fireman Danny Sur, killing him on the
spot. I remember saying, Oh my God, what are we getting into?

Cacchioli then recalls entering the Marriot, trying to lead the kids
as he called them, adding that words could not describe the screaming
and chaos within.

There was debris flying everywhere and it was just mass chaos, said
Cacchioli. At that point, orders were changing fast and furious and
our company was directed to lend assistance in the north tower."


Although the Marriot was a bad scene, the north tower looked like a war
zone. When he entered the lobby, Cacchioli recalls elevator doors
completely blown out and another scene of mass chaos with people
running, screaming and being hit with debris.

I remember thinking to myself, my God, how could this be happening so
quickly if a plane hit way above. It didnt make sense, said

At that point, Cacchioli found one of the only functioning elevators,
one only going as high as the 24th floor, a twist of fate that probably
saved his life.

Looking back if it was one of the elevators that went higher, I
wouldnt be here talking today, added Cacchioli.

As he made his way up along with men from Engine Co. 21, 22 and Ladder
Co. 13, the doors opened on the 24th floor, a scene again that hardly
made sense to the seasoned fireman, claiming the heavy dust and haze of
smoke he encountered was unusual considering the location of the

Tommy Hedsal was with me and everybody else also gets out of the
elevator when it stops on the 24th floor, said Cacchioli, There was a
huge amount of smoke. Tommy and I had to go back down the elevator for
tools and no sooner did the elevators close behind us, we heard this
huge explosion that sounded like a bomb. It was such a loud noise, it
knocked off the lights and stalled the elevator.

Luckily, we werent caught between floors and were able to pry open
the doors. People were going crazy, yelling and screaming. And all the
time, I am crawling low and making my way in the dark with a flashlight
to the staircase and thinking Tommy is right behind me.

I somehow got into the stairwell and there were more people there.
When I began to try and direct down, another huge explosion like the
first one hits. This one hits about two minutes later, although its
hard to tell, but Im thinking, Oh. My God, these bastards put bombs
in here like they did in 1993!

But still it never crossed my mind the building was going to collapse.
I really only had two things on my mind and that was getting people out
and saving lives. Thats what I was trained for and thats what I was
going to do.

I remember at that point in the stairwell between the 23rd and 24th
floor, I threw myself down on the steps because of the smoke. It was
pitch black, I had my mask on and I was crawling down the steps until I
found the door on the 23rd floor.

When Cacchioli entered the 23rd floor, he found a little man holding
a handkerchief in front of his face and hiding under the standpipes on
the wall, used for pumping water on the floor in case of fire.

Leading the man by the arm, he then ran into a group down the hall of
about 35 to 40 people, finding his way down the 23rd floor stairwell
and beginning their descent to safety.

Then as soon as we get in the stairwell, I hear another huge explosion
like the other two. Then I heard bang, bang, bang - huge bangs and
surmised later it was the floors pan caking on top of one another.

I knew we had to get out of there fast and on the 12th floor a man
even jumped on my back because he thought he couldnt make it any
farther. Everybody was shocked and dazed and it was a miracle all of us
got this far.

When the group led by Cacchioli finally made it to the lobby level, he
was unable to open the door at first, the concussion of the explosions
or perhaps the south tower falling, jamming the lobby door.

Finally jarring it loose, the group entered the lobby finding total
devastation with windows blown out and marble falling form the walls,
but strangely no people. At that point, it was either left or right to
an exit, Cacchioli, the man he originally found by the standpipes and
another lady going right while the others went left, a move which by
the grace of God saved his life.

It seemed like every move I made that morning was the right move,
said Cacchioli. I should have been killed at least five times. The
people that went left didnt make it out, but we came out alive on West


After making sure the two civilians were attended to, Cacchioli went to
his fire truck finding Lance, the driver, who was attending to the
truck and waiting for the crew to return.

Looking up at the north tower directly above, Cacchioli recalls not
having the slightest idea when he exited that the south tower had
already collapsed. He also remembers wondering about the fate of his
crew members, the driver telling him two were missing and two others
injured and already taken to the hospital.

Next thing, we look up and see the tower collapsing. We saw it
starting to come down fast, Lance running towards the water to safety
and I headed down West Side Highway.

Cacchioli said he remembers looking back at the north tower antenna
falling, at the same time trying to stay ahead of the huge ball of
black smoke gaining ground. He then threw of his mask to make himself
lighter, a move that allowed him to run faster and perhaps save his
life, while eventually having to throw himself on the ground from the
heavy sawdust-like air mixed with glass that was choking him to death
and taking away his vision.

Landing in debris, he luckily fell by the wheels of another fire truck,
another twist of fate that may have saved his life, where he then
managed to find a compressed air breathing mask. He then passed out and
recalls waking up some time later after another fireman pulled him to

I dont really know how much time passed, but once I felt better, I
quickly went back to look for my friends and stayed till I couldnt
walk anymore, said Cacchioli, who began crying when he talked about
his close friend. They finally found Tommys body in the debris about
10 days later. I went back to Ground Zero every day for a long time,
going AWOL, until I finally went to a doctor and was put on medical

They were very good about it. Everybody understood. It got to the
point I couldnt breadth anymore and I lost a lot of vision due to the
broken glass getting into my eyes. Finally, the doctors told me in
January 2002, I couldnt work and I remember feeling devastated like my
whole world was coming to an end.

I couldnt tell this story for the longest time and I have to admit it
is still difficult.


Cacchioli was called to testify privately, but walked out on several
members of the committee before they finished, feeling like he was
being interrogated and cross-examined rather than simply allowed to
tell the truth about what occurred in the north tower on 9/11.

My story was never mentioned in the final report and I felt like I was
being put on trial in a court room, said Cacchioli. I finally walked
out. They were trying to twist my words and make the story fit only
what they wanted to hear. All I wanted to do was tell the truth and
when they wouldnt let me do that, I walked out.

It was a disgrace to everyone, the victims and the family members who
lost loved ones. I dont agree with the 9/11 Commission. The whole
experience was terrible.


From: Henri the Celt gci.net>
Date: August 15, 2006 10:12:50 PM EST
Subject: Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature

Comment: Hezbollah becomes Lebanon's de facto government!
August 16, 2006

Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature


BEIRUT, Lebanon, Aug. 15 As stunned Lebanese returned Tuesday over
broken roads to shattered apartments in the south, it increasingly
seemed that the beneficiary of the destruction was most likely to be

A major reason in addition to its hard-won reputation as the only
Arab force that fought Israel to a standstill is that it is already
dominating the efforts to rebuild with a torrent of money from oil-rich

Nehme Y. Tohme, a member of Parliament from the anti-Syrian reform bloc
and the countrys minister for the displaced, said he had been told by
Hezbollah officials that when the shooting stopped, Iran would provide
Hezbollah with an unlimited budget for reconstruction.

In his victory speech on Monday night, Hezbollahs leader, Sheik Hassan
Nasrallah, offered money for decent and suitable furniture and a
years rent on a house to any Lebanese who lost his home in the
month-long war.

Completing the victory, he said, can come with reconstruction.

On Tuesday, Israel began to pull many of its reserve troops out of
southern Lebanon, and its military chief of staff said all of the
soldiers could be back across the border within 10 days. Lebanese
soldiers are expected to begin moving in a couple of days, supported by
the first of 15,000 foreign troops. [Page A8.]

While the Israelis began their withdrawal, hundreds of Hezbollah
members spread over dozens of villages across southern Lebanon began
cleaning, organizing and surveying damage. Men on bulldozers were busy
cutting lanes through giant piles of rubble. Roads blocked with the
remnants of buildings are now, just a day after a cease-fire began,
fully passable.

In Sreifa, a Hezbollah official said the group would offer an initial
$10,000 to residents to help pay for the year of rent, to buy new
furniture and to help feed families.

In Taibe, a town of fighting so heavy that large chunks were missing
from walls and buildings where they had been sprayed with bullets, the
Audi family stood with two Hezbollah volunteers, looking woefully at
their windowless, bullet- and shrapnel-torn house.

In Bint Jbail, Hezbollah ambulances large, new cars with flashing
lights on the top ferried bodies of fighters to graves out of
mountains of rubble.

Hezbollahs reputation as an efficient grass-roots social service
network as opposed to the Lebanese government, regarded by many here
as sleek men in suits doing well was in evidence everywhere. Young
men with walkie-talkies and clipboards were in the battered Shiite
neighborhoods on the southern edge of Bint Jbail, taking notes on the
extent of the damage.

Hezbollahs strength, said Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, a professor at the
Lebanese American University here, who has written extensively about
the organization, in large part derives from the gross vacuum left by
the state.

Hezbollah was not, she said, a state within a state, but rather a
state within a nonstate, actually.

Sheik Nasrallah said in his speech that the brothers in the towns and
villages will turn to those whose homes are badly damaged and help
rebuild them.

Today is the day to keep up our promises, he said.

All our brothers will be in your service starting tomorrow.

Some southern towns were so damaged that on Tuesday residents had not
yet begun to return. A fighter for the Amal movement, another Shiite
militia group, said he had been told that Hezbollah members would begin
to catalog damages in his town, Kafr Kila, on the Israeli border.

Hezbollah men also traveled door to door checking on residents and
asking them what help they needed.

Although Hezbollah is a Shiite organization, Sheik Nasrallahs message
resounded even with a Sunni Muslim, Ghaleb Jazi, 40, who works at the
oil storage plant at Jiyeh, 15 miles south of Beirut. It was bombed by
the Israelis and spewing pollution northward into the Mediterranean.

The government may do some work on bridges and roads, but when it
comes to rebuilding houses, Hezbollah will have a big role to play, he

Nasrallah said yesterday he would rebuild, and he will come through.

Sheik Nasrallahs speech was interpreted by some on Tuesday as a kind
of watershed in Lebanese politics, establishing his group on an equal
footing with the official government.

It was a coup ditat, said Jad al-Akjaoui, a political analyst
aligned with the democratic reform bloc. He was among the organizers of
the anti-Syrian demonstrations after the assassination of former Prime
Minister Rafik Hariri two years ago that led to international pressure
to rid Lebanon of 15 years of Syrian control.

Rami G. Khouri, a columnist for The Daily Star in Beirut, wrote that
Sheik Nasrallah seemed to take on the veneer of a national leader
rather than the head of one group in Lebanons rich mosaic of political

In tone and content, his remarks seemed more like those of a president
or a prime minister should be making while addressing the nation after
a terrible month of destruction and human suffering.

His prominence is one of the important political repercussions of this
war, Mr. Khouri wrote.

Defense Minister Elias Murr said Tuesday that the government would not
seek to disarm Hezbollah.

The army is not going to the south to strip the Hezbollah of its
weapons and do the work that Israel did not, he said, showing just how
difficult reining in the militia will most likely be in the coming
weeks and months. He added that the resistance, meaning Hezbollah,
had been cooperating with the government and there was no need to
confront it.

Sheik Nasrallah sounded much like a governor responding to a disaster
when he said, So far, the initial count available to us on completely
demolished houses exceeds 15,000 residential units.

We cannot of course wait for the government and its heavy vehicles and
machinery because they could be a while, he said. He also cautioned,
No one should raise prices due to a surge in demand.

Support for Hezbollah was likely to become stronger, Professor
Saad-Ghorayeb said, because of the weakness of the central government.

Hezbollah has two pillars of support, she said. The resistance and
the social services. What this war has illustrated is that it is best
at both.

He tells the people, Dont worry, were going to protect you. And
were going to reconstruct. This has happened before. We will deliver.

Hassan M. Fattah contributed reporting from Sreifa, Lebanon, for this
article, Sabrina Tavernise from Taibe and Robert F. Worth from Jiyeh.


Key Reagan Advisor: "Gullible Americans" Duped by 9/11 Hoax

Key Reagan advisor Paul Craig Roberts: "Don't ask me what happened on
9/11. The official account of the buildings' collapse is improbable."

Gullible Americans

By Paul Craig Roberts

08/14/06 "Information Clearing House" -- --

I was in China when a July Harris Poll reported that 50 percent of
Americans still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when
Bush invaded that country, and that 64 percent of Americans still
believe that Saddam Hussein had strong links with Al Qaeda.

The Chinese leaders and intellectuals with whom I was meeting were
incredulous. How could a majority of the population in an allegedly
free country with an allegedly free press be so totally misinformed?
The only answer I could give the Chinese is that Americans would have
been the perfect population for Mao and the Gang of Four, because
Americans believe anything their government tells them.

Americans never check any facts. Who do you know, for example, who has
even read the Report of the 9/11 Commission, much less checked the
alleged facts reported in that document. I can answer for you. You
dont know anyone who has read the report or checked the facts.

The two co-chairmen of the 9/11 Commission Report, Thomas Kean and Lee
Hamilton, have just released a new book, Without Precedent: The Inside
Story of the 9/11 Commission. Kean and Hamilton reveal that the
commission suppressed the fact that Muslim ire toward the US is due to
US support for Israels persecution and dispossession of the
Palestinians, not to our freedom and democracy as Bush
propagandistically claims. Kean and Hamilton also reveal that the US
military committed perjury and lied about its failure to intercept the
hijacked airliners. The commission even debated referring the
militarys lies to the Justice Department for criminal investigation.
Why should we assume that these admissions are the only coverups and
lies in the 9/11 Commission Report?

How do you know that 9/11 was a Muslim terrorist plot? How do you know
that three World Trade Center buildings collapsed because two were hit
by airliners? You only know because the government gave you the
explanation of what you saw on TV. (Did you even know that three WTC
buildings collapsed?)

I still remember the enlightenment I experienced as a student in
Russian Studies when I learned that the Czarist secret police would set
off bombs and then blame those whom they wanted to arrest.

When Hitler seized dictatorial power in 1933, he told the Germans that
his new powers were made necessary by a communist terrorist attack on
the Reichstag. When Hitler started World War II by invading Poland, he
told the Germans that Poland had crossed the frontier and attacked

Governments lie all the time--especially governments staffed by
neoconservatives whose intellectual godfather, Leo Strauss, taught them
that it is permissible to deceive the public in order to achieve their

Some readers will write to me to say that they saw a TV documentary or
read a magazine article verifying the governments explanation of 9/11.
But, of course, these Americans did not check the facts either--and
neither did the people who made the documentary and wrote the magazine

Scientists and engineers, such as Clemson University Professor of
Engineering Dr. Judy Woods and BYU Professor of Physics Dr. Steven
Jones, have raised compelling questions about the official account of
the collapse of the three WTC buildings. The basic problem for the
government's account is that the buildings are known to have fallen at
free fall speed, a fact that is inconsistent with the government's
"pancaking" theory in which debris from above collapsed the floors
below. If the buildings actually "pancaked," then each floor below
would have offered resistance to the floors above, and the elapsed time
would have been much longer. These experts have also calculated that
the buildings did not have sufficient gravitational energy to
accommodate the government's theory of the collapse. It is certainly
a known and non-controversial fact among physicists and engineers that
the only way buildings can collapse at free fall speed into their own
footprints is by engineered demolition. Explosives are used to remove
the support of floors below before the debris from
above arrives. Otherwise, resistance is encountered and the time
required for fall increases. Engineered demolition also explains the
symmetrical collapse of the buildings into their own foot prints. As it
is otherwise improbable for every point in floors below to weaken
uniformly, "pancaking" would result in asymmetrical collapse as some
elements of the floor would give sooner than others.

Scientific evidence is a tough thing for the American public to handle,
and the government knows it. The government can rely on people
dismissing things that they cannot understand as "conspiracy theory."
But if you are inclined to try to make up your own mind, you can find
Dr. Jones' and Dr. Woods papers, which have been formally presented to
their peers at scientific meetings, on line at http://www.st911.org/

Experts have also pointed out that the buildings' massive steel
skeletons comprised a massive heat sink that wicked away the heat from
the limited, short-lived fires, thus preventing a heat buildup.
Experts also point out that the short-lived, scattered, low-intensity
fires could barely reach half the melting point of steel even if they
burned all day instead of merely an hour.

Don't ask me to tell you what happened on 9/11. All I know is that the
official account of the buildings' collapse is improbable.

Now we are being told another improbable tale. Muslim terrorists in
London and Pakistan were caught plotting to commit mass murder by
smuggling bottles of explosive liquids on board airliners in hand
luggage. Baby formula, shampoo and water bottles allegedly contained
the tools of suicide bombers.

How do we know about this plot? Well, the police learned it from an
Islamic militant arrested near the Afghan-Pakistan border several
weeks ago. And how did someone so far away know what British-born
people in London were plotting?

Do you really believe that Western and Israeli intelligence services,
which were too incompetent to prevent the 9/11 attack, can uncover a
London plot by capturing a person on the Afghan border in Pakistan? Why
would an Islamic militant rat on such a plot even if he knew of it?

More probable explanations of the plot are readily available.
According to the August 11 Wayne Madsen Report, informed sources in the
UK report that the Tony Blair government, under siege by a Labor Party
revolt, cleverly cooked up a new terror scare to avert the publics
eyes away from Blairs increasing political woes. British law
enforcement, neocon and intelligence operatives in the US, Israel, and
Britain, and Rupert Murdochs global media empire cooked up the
terrorist plot, liberally borrowing from the failed 1995 Oplan Bjinka
plot by Pakistan- and Philippines-based terrorist Ramzi Ahmad Yousef to
crash 11 trans-Pacific airliners bound from Asia to the US.

There are other plausible explanations. For example, our puppet in
Pakistan decided to arrest some people who were a threat to him. With
Bushs commitment to building democracy in the Middle East, our
puppet cant arrest his political enemies without cause, so he lays the
blame on a plot.

Any testimony against Muslim plotters by an Islamic militant is
certain to have been bought and paid for.

Or consider this explanation. Under the Nuremberg standard, Bush and
Blair are war criminals. Bush is so worried that he will be held
accountable that he has sent his attorney general to consult with the
Republican Congress to work out legislation to protect Bush
retroactively from his violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Tony Blair is in more danger of finding himself in the dock. Britain
is signatory to a treaty that, if justice is done, will place Blair
before the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

What better justification for the two war criminals illegal actions
than the need to foil dastardly plots by Muslims recruited in sting
operations by Western intelligence services? The more Bush and Blair
can convince their publics that terrorist danger abounds, the less
likely Bush and Blair are ever to be held accountable for their crimes.

But surely, some readers might object, our great moral leaders wouldnt
do something political like that!

They most certainly would. As Joshua Micah Marshall wrote in the July
7 issue of Time magazine, the suspicion is quite reasonable that the
Bush Administration orchestrates its terror alerts and arrests to goose
the GOPs poll numbers.

Joshua Micah Marshall proves his conclusion by examining the barrage of
color-coded terror alerts, none of which were real, and, yes, it all
fits with political needs.

And dont forget the plot unearthed in Miami to blow up the Sears Tower
in Chicago. Described by Vice President Cheney as a very real threat,
the plot turned out to be nothing more than a few harmless whackos
recruited by an FBI agent sent out to organize a sting.

There was also the foiled plot to blow up the Holland Tunnel and
flood downtown New York City with sea water. Thinking New Orleans, the
FBI invented this plot without realizing that New York City is above
sea level. Of course, most Americans didnt realize it either.

For six years the Bush regime has been able to count on the ignorant
and naive American public to believe whatever tale that is told them.
American gullibility has yet to fail the Bush regime.

The government has an endless number of conspiracy theories, but only
people who question the governments conspiracies are derided for
having a conspiracy theory.

The implication is even worse if we assume that the explosive bottle
plot is genuine. It means that America and Britain by their own
aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by enabling Israels war crimes
in Palestine and Lebanon, have created such hatred that Muslims, who
identify with Bushs, Blairs, and Israels victims, are plotting
But Bush is prepared. He has taught his untutored public that they
hate us for our freedom and democracy.

Gentle reader, wise up. The entire world is laughing at you.


From: Henri the Celt gci.net>
Date: August 15, 2006 2:44:18 PM EST
To: AAAHenri gci.net>
Subject: Fw: ### MUST READ ###

CNN's Amanpour Links 9/11 Truthers with Sky Terrorists

Says Muslims "succumbing to the conspiracy theories"

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 11 2006 or

CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour equated yesterday's alleged sky
terrorist liquid explosive plotters with the 9/11 truth movement, the
latest brazen attempt to vilify anyone who disagrees with the official
9/11 fairytale.

Here's the quote in full.

"And there is some evidence that is coming out now, five years after
9/11, that many, many Muslims in England and around the world,
according to documentaries that have been produced, are really
succumbing to the conspiracy theories. They're really now saying that
9/11 was not al Qaeda; it was a U.S./CIA, Mossad/Israel, Zionist plot,
basically designed to cause a war against Islam."

Taken on its own, one would think Amanpour was saying Muslims are
embracing 9/11 'conspiracy theories,' not necessarily terrorists.

However, viewed in context of the fact that Amanpour made the statement
on an Anderson Cooper special entitled 'Sky Terror,' which was solely
about yesterday's alleged plot, the intended meaning becomes clear.

'Muslims' is Amanpour's euphemism for terrorists.

Other recent 9/11 hit pieces have slandered the 9/11 truth movement as
having a violent extremist undertone. No incidents of violence at any
9/11 truth convergence or protest have ever occurred and organizers
consistently advocate purely peaceful demonstrations.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Newt Gingrich said that
opponents of pro-war candidates and their supporters were "insurgents,"
equating anyone that disagrees with the Bush administration's foreign
policy with terrorists......


From: Henri the Celt gci.net>
Date: August 15, 2006 2:42:11 PM EST
Subject: "...the atrocious Fox News Network"

It Couldnt Happen to Nicer Guys

by Ian Mosley
Faux News

A large part of the moral responsibility for what is happening in Iraq
and Afghanistan comes down to the atrocious Fox News Network. Owned by
Australian neocon tycoon Rupert Murdoch, Fox News has become the
official Bush Network, roughly equivalent to Pravda in the old Soviet
Union. Fox News is largely responsible for feeding the American people
masses of disinformation about the war in Iraq and the state of Israel,
and thus keeping Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack in a state of catatonic
stupor as to what is really going on, and why.

The Muslims seem finally to be waking up to the crucial role that Fox
News plays in keeping their people enslaved. A Reuters news article
reports that Palestinian gunmen kidnapped two foreign journalists
working for the Fox News Channel in Gaza on Monday.A Fox spokeswoman
in New York named the two journalists as correspondent Steve Centanni,
an American, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, from New ZealandTwo vehicles
blocked the journalists transmission truck in the center of Gaza City
and a masked man put a gun to a bodyguards head, forcing him to the
ground. The kidnappers then sped away with the two journalists.

The same article continues A Fox news report said the network did not
know who had seized them but that negotiations were under way to secure
their release. One wonders if the kidnappers will insist on mere money
for the release of the two neocon flacks, or if they will have sense
enough to demand payment in kind, in the form of a public retraction by
Fox News of the thousand and one lies that these neo-con stooges have
been telling the American people about the Palestinian situation, the
occupation of Iraq, and the atrocious Israeli assault on Lebanon.
We need to bear in mind, always, that the neocon George W. Bush regime
does not exist in a hermetically sealed little vacuum bubble in the
Oval Office, although that seems to be the way our illustrious chief
executive in fact spends his days. There are thousands of willing and
eager collaborators to the neocons crimes against humanity, not the
least of whom are flacks in the news media.

These people are motivated by a twisted and mutated patriotism that
calls for America to conquer the world, or else by a weirded-out
Rapture cult that believes there has to be a nuclear war in the valley
of Megiddo (Armageddon) in Palestine in order to make Jesus come back,
or else theyre motivated purely by money. While the neocons and Fox
News continue to get away with their lies here in America (with the
recent exception of Joe Lieberman), the Muslims are apparently waking
up to Fox News and making them pay for their lies.


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Really Started the War Against Lebanon?
A team of Israeli lawyers are suing the Lebanese
government for starting the war

by Trish Schuh
August 15, 2006


A team of Israeli lawyers are suing the Lebanese government for
starting the war. The projected multi-million dollar case, to be filed
in US civil court, will sue for compensation and war damages incurred
by Israeli residents and businesses. Attorneys Yehudah Talmon, Yoram
Dantziger and Nitzah Libai claim the Lebanese government violated
international law because it didn't stop Hezbollah's casus belli
cross-border raid into Israel.

The contested justification for Israel's 'self-defense' invasion, and
the location of its original provocation will take on new legal
significance in coming months. Who infiltrated who, and on what
territory did the initial capture of the IDF soldiers occur? Differing
press accounts that the capture occurred in Lebanon- not Israel- are
now widely known: AFP, Hindustan Times, Deutsche Press Agentur, Asia
Times, Bahrain News Agency and Voltairenet are a few. Others reflect
changes of direction in the recording of basic facts.

Newsweek's Michael Hirsh of MSNBC.com on July 12 said: "As a result,
things are blowing up so quickly it's difficult to know where to focus
any longer. After the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by Hizbullah
in Lebanon on Wednesday, which the hard-line group linked to a similar
kidnapping by Hamas the week before, the mideast seemed to be closer to
all-out war."

By July 13, the story out of MSNBC.com's Jerusalem bureau was
different. In a piece titled "Crisis allows Israel to pursue strategic
goals- Kidnappings give Israel excuse to neutralize Hamas, Hezbollah",
Jerusalem bureau chief Steven Gutkin wrote: "Kidnappings changed
everything: All that changed Wednesday, when Hezbollah guerillas
crossed into Israel, seizing Goldwasser and Regev and killing eight
other soldiers in the ensuing fighting."

AP also ran changed versions. On July 12, at 5:41AM Joseph Panossian
wrote: "The militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers
during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern Lebanon,
prompting a swift reaction from Israel, which sent ground forces into
its neighbor to look for them."

At 7:09 AM, Associated Press Writer Joseph Panossian had altered his
report: "The Hezbollah militant group captured two Israeli soldiers
during clashes along the Lebanese border on Wednesday."

By late afternoon, at 4:13 PM, AP's Panossian had completely shifted
location: "Hezbollah militants crossed into Israel on Wednesday and
captured two Israeli soldiers. Israel responded in southern Lebanon
with warplanes, tanks and gunboats, and said eight of its soldiers had
been killed in the violence."

Israeli sources went almost unnoticed. Cybercast News Service
(CNSNews.com) of July 12 said: "The abduction of two Israeli soldiers
by Hizbullah militants in southern Lebanon was not a terrorist attack
but an act of war, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday."

Australia's ABC News (Reuters) on July 13 quoted the IDF: "The sources
say the Israeli soldiers had been seized at around 9am local time
across the border from Aita al Shaab, some 15 kilometers from the
Mediterranean coast. The Israeli army confirmed that two Israeli
soldiers had been captured on the Lebanese frontier. Israeli ground
forces crossed into Lebanon to hunt for the missing soldiers, Israeli
Army Radio said."

Voice of America, Jerusalem, on July 12 said: "Speaking to reporters
outside the Israeli Foreign Ministry, spokesman Mark Regev says
Hezbollah is responsible for the violence. "It appears we have an
escalation in the North," he said. "It is very clear that the
escalation started on the Lebanese side of the border, and Israel will
respond appropriately."

In his article "Casus Belli", IDF Brigadier General Moshe Yaalon wrote:
"The present crisis was initiated- in Gaza by Hamas and in southern
Lebanon by Hezbollah- from lands that are not under Israeli
occupation." New Republic, July 31

A quote by Hamas political bureau member Mohammad Nazzal in the July 13
edition of Haaretz said: "This is a heroic operation carried out
against military targets and so it is a legitimate operation,
especially as it took place in occupied Lebanese territory."

A Lebanese government official told this writer that the first
information about the soldiers' capture in southern Lebanon came from
the Lebanese Army Police, a source also quoted in many media accounts.
"At the beginning the Lebanese Army said it was on the Lebanese side,"
the official told me. The verbatim Army communique' to the Lebanese
government follows: " 'At 9:03 or 9:05am in the vicinity or in front of
Ayt Al Shaab village the members of the resistance have abducted two
soldiers. At 9:15am the resistance shelled the position of the enemy in
the occupied territories. At 10:10am the Resistance and Israeli forces
clashed with each other in the area of Naqoura,' on Lebanon's side of
the border."

Lebanon's Ambassador to the US, Farid Abboud discussed the events
publicly on July 12, 2006. Because of his stance to CNN Abboud was
reprimanded, and recalled to Lebanon.

MICHAEL HOLMES, CNN International: You say that you don't want any
escalations, but...

FARID ABBOUD: No, we don't.

MICHAEL HOLMES: ... but crossing over the border into Israel, killing
and seizing soldiers, what did you think would happen?

FARID ABBOUD: I'm not sure where the location of the attack took place.
I understand that there was another battle, also, where during which
the Israelis crossed Lebanese soil and that the casualties that fell
then were inside Lebanon territory... We do not want any escalation,
and I don't think we have ever attacked Israel. I mean, Israel has
always occupied our territory, and we have always defended ourselves.
Our position has always been very reactive, defensive.

This writer then spoke to the chief of the Lebanese Defense Cabinet
General Edmond Fadel in Beirut for clarification. He said he was not
authorized to speak on Hezbollah's position.

Hezbollah's position had been earlier cited in the Jerusalem Post of
July 12 : "Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said the timing of
the capture of two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon on Wednesday
would boost the position of Palestinians in Gaza."

It was a view Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Mousawi had reiterated to me
on July 16 by phone. He insisted that the crisis occurred on the
Lebanese side of the border "in front of the village of Ayt Al Shaab"
adjacent to a military post.

On August 2, I discussed the kidnapping issue again with Hezbollah's
Mousawi in Beirut.

Q: We spoke earlier on July 16, 2006 about this issue and I would like
to make it official. The Lebanese Army has claimed that the Israeli
soldiers captured on July 12, 2006 were captured in Lebanon, not Israel
as we hear in the US. Were they caught inside Israel or Lebanon?

A: How can you possibly say Israel? This is an occupied land, occupied

Q: Alright. Was it in occupied Palestine or Lebanon?

A: It was in Lebanon, on the border.

Q: On the border- What town? Where was it near?

A: There is no town. It was a military post.

Q: Did Hezbollah cross over into Israel?

A: This has never been claimed by Hezbollah- only on the border. And
don't say Israel- its occupied Palestine.

Q: The IDF soldiers in the tank who hit the mine and were killed?

A: It was all in the Lebanese lands when they wanted to penetrate- to
go after the resistance.... No one believes anymore that this is about
the two soldiers, not with the destruction of the infrastructure.
Besides, Hezbollah got information that this Israeli aggression was
scheduled to take place this September or October...

According to Attorney Yehudah Talmon, Israelis will also sue to collect
money from Lebanese assets and property in the United States. "No group
associated in any way, shape or form to Hizbullah is immune to these
claims." Never mind if the claims are based on shifting boundaries.

Trish Schuh wrote on the coming Hezbollah-IDF border crisis in "Faking
the Case Against Syria" in November, 2005.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole
responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of
the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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For media inquiries: crgeditor@yahoo.com

) Copyright Trish Schuh, GlobalResearch.ca, 2006

The url address of this article is:


From: Henri the Celt gci.net>
Date: August 16, 2006 1:17:23 AM ES
Subject: Impeachment Or World War III?

Impeachment or World War III?
By Ted Lang
Exclusive to Rense.com

Hezbollah has gained immensely in strength and resolve as a result of
the current unprovoked and unjustified carnage planned and executed by
Israel against a peaceful Lebanon. These horrific war crimes
perpetrated by Bush USA and Israel, two of the axis-of-evil nations,
were supplemented by the distraction provided by the third AOE nation
in manufacturing yet another phony false-flag terrorist plot. I didn't
even bother to familiarize myself with the long array of descriptive
details, which as of yet haven't even been invented. I trust nothing
either my government or the governments of the other two criminal
nations have to say through their harlots in the "American" MSM.

I am an American, but I hate my government for not only doing nothing
to stop the totally unnecessary slaughter of innocent and unarmed men,
women, children, the aged and the infirmed in Lebanon, but for
encouraging, aiding and abetting the holocaust as well in supplying
additional precision weaponry to carry out the mass murders. Bush may
be heavily guarded and feel secure in his bunkers in Crawford and
Washington, but he's got an unavoidable rendezvous with some serious
reckoning. And the sooner this serious reckoning takes place, the
better for all Mankind. Bush must be impeached immediately. If this
doesn't happen, we will assuredly be irreversibly enmeshed in Bush,
Israel and Great Britain's plot to ignite World War III and to launch
the New World Order global government.

To facilitate impeachment, and to bring the Bush crime and war machine
to a halt, the American political environment must now be inundated
with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
"Politics-as-usual" or PAU will be the prescription to bring about the
most horrendous conditions in America since those early dark days of
the American Revolution, when the impending crushing force of the
world's most powerful nation, Great Britain, was about to be unleashed
on the people of the American colonies.

American fools who think a political solution is available for removing
these criminals from control over the horrific power of the American
military have all but succumbed to the distraction that is America's
so-called two-party system. It is for this reason that I consider Rush
Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and all of FOXNews as traitors.
This crisis is not about liberal versus conservative, or even about
conservative versus neoconservative; it turns on the survival of our
nation which is now totally under the control of lunatics.

Let US first examine the charges and the response from the MSM
apologists, sycophants and enablers of the Bush war and crime machine.
All the articles already written, as well as those recently penned by
Dr. Henry Makow and Henry Picciotto on Rense.com and that of Bill
Christison on Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet.com ["Former CIA Analyst: Stop
Belittling the Theories About September 11"] expose in depth serious
and glaring flaws in the Bush regime's explanations of the
vulnerabilities and circumstances of 9/11. The explanations are
astonishing in terms of their effrontery to even individuals of average
intellect. And given the challenges that even people of average
intelligence can pose to the explanations offered by Bush and his Kean
9/11 Commission, why do the MSM stooges take such umbrage with any
modicum of inquiry demanding a clearer line of reasoning?

Of course, we know the answer. The charges are codified as being so
horrific, so outlandish, and so ridiculous that they need to be
summarily dismissed as only being politically based and orchestrated.
In other words, challenging the Bush regime's story is just "politics
as usual" as mentioned earlier. But instead of news junkies and the
information audience writing off accusations of wrong-doing, it is the
American mass news media that is doing this. Where is there any
evidence of either journalistic challenge or independence? Where is
there loyalty to America, to its founding, to its war veterans and our
war dead that fought in all America's wars? What about journalistic
loyalty honoring our patriots, and the slaughtered innocent workers and
our fellow citizens at the WTC and the Pentagon? Isn't there even one
American journalist that cares for America? Not even one? Perhaps Lou
Dobbs and/or Brian Lamb?

It's BAU [business as usual] for journalists and PAU for our elected
politicians. Fortunately, former government employees are increasingly
coming forward, such as Christison, and this is helpful. But whether
or not Bush and his fellow criminals will be held accountable, or even
whether or not the GOP will be ejected from the halls of Congress in
the November midterm elections, neither is of any importance within the
context of the present dangerous international political environment
created by Bush, his GOP Congress, and the spineless wimps representing
the Democratic Party. The dead cannot be brought back. The dead in
Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and
Flight 93 will never be amongst US again. Indeed, Bush and his
criminals saw to that.

Rather, it is for US the living, to not only honor their sacrificed
lives, but to prevent the impending and horrific carnage and
destruction that will be initiated by World War III. World War III
will not be "over there"; it will be here and now! And if Americans
are so stupid, H. L. Mencken's "booboisie" if you will, such is no
longer the case. As Christison correctly points out, Americans are
beginning to see the crimes perpetrated by the criminal Bush regime in
spite of the smokescreens and propaganda hogwash continuously and
senselessly articulated by Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly and Amanpour.

I disagree totally with Christison's conclusions that relegate to
secondary importance the simple question regarding military drills on
that day. Christison's "key" points require proof supported by
forensic inquiry, inquiry the Bush regime and its FBI went way out of
their way to block and prevent. And Christison highlights his key
points by launching them in an air of high probability: "ONE: An
airliner almost certainly did not hit The Pentagon." Then, "TWO: The
North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did
not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them."
I'm sorry, but to me, "almost certainly" is a shaky foundation to make
such "astounding and outlandish" charges against our caring,
compassionate and constitutional government.

All that is required of the Bush regime is a simple answer as to
whether or not there were drills being conducted that morning.
Considering the testimony of Bush's Transportation Secretary, Norman
Mineta, when speaking in front of the 9/11 Commission, the basis for
that simple inquiry is anchored in the recorded testimony attributed to
this high-level Bush administration appointee. All that is required
from this salient is a simple "yes" or "no" answer; even this we
weren't able to obtain from Bush-Kean.

Clearly, the most expeditious route to a real and meaningful inquiry
would be regarding "stand down" drills. It is these that contributed
most heavily accentuating our vulnerability and made all the other
events and conditions of 9/11 possible. This is not to quibble, but to
simply employ the most expeditious and most easily established fact.
Someone somewhere will fess up, and the dominoes will begin to fall.
Any other approach is shrouded by lengthy tests, testimony,
legalistics, precedent, the President's "right to privacy," "privileged
information," "national security," etc., etc., etc. And Christison's
motivation in terms of trying to find out and fix responsibility is
equally flawed - by the time the finger pointing is launched, dependent
upon the aforementioned tedious and lengthy processes and hurdles that
must be overcome, Iran will be engulfed in nuclear flames and mushroom

The lengthy and drawn-out process required to get at the whole truth
can, and should be, incorporated in the impeachment process. But first
things first: Bush and his neoconservative loony tunes must be stopped
before it is too late. Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is no
dummy - he is extremely educated and convincing. Not having seen his
interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," I can only guess he came across far
more intelligently than our moron in the White House. In all
likelihood, Iran not only has nuclear arms, but has the missiles and
therefore the means to deliver them. With his engineering background,
Ahmadinejad knows that no matter how advanced his WMDs are, unlike the
19 camel drivers that so easily penetrated America's unmatched and
failsafe defenses on September 11, 2001, another means of retaliation
must be deployed.

It has been pointed out that Iran trades heavily with North Korea
providing them with ample supplies of crude oil. North Korea is a
starving nation, so what could they possibly offer Iran in return? The
implication is obvious, and Ahmadinejad's cockiness and confidence as
expressed in his admonitions to US and Israel leave me feeling very
uneasy. Consider the Bush insanity that has left our southern borders
totally vulnerable as he bumbles, fumbles and stumbles to move US
towards the New World Order. Does Iran already have an
anti-American/counter terrorism strategy in place? Should we find
out? Should Israel?

Bush and Israel must be stopped, and they must be stopped now before
the mushroom clouds come home to roost. And the means are now
available to bring this rapidly about. Politics is NOT the means, but
it can be tried first as well. It requires grass roots pressure.
Members of Congress, ALL OF THEM, must be contacted immediately and
told that Bush's warmongering powers must immediately be suspended to
avert the neocons' plans to ignite World War III with Syria and Iran.
That war will move swiftly to our soil, since Russia and China will
correctly surmise that they will be next. That precludes putting
Iran's strike capability in a neat little box. We are already
vulnerable thanks to Bush's non-border policy. Americans must take
advantage of those courageous MSM outlets that are trying to save
America from the Bush's regime's suicidal hallucinations. They must be
employed as fact-base sources to counter charges of whacko conspiracy
theories launched by the FOXNews conspiracy practitioners.

We can bring pressure on both the Congress and all the governors in our
states to demand Bush's impeachment, not in terms of political
vendetta, but to avoid World War III. And C-Span and Scholars for 9/11
Truth will provide a believable base for argument. Bush and Israel's
planned nuclear attack on Iran, as well as the response from that
nation and possibly others, will not be the same WMD/regime change
"cakewalk" that was Iraq; things will be very different this time
around. Consider the resolve the ill-planned Lebanese Holocaust
brought forth in Hezbollah, Hamas and ALL the Arab and Muslim nations.
Consider the reaction of the entire world community! Can there be any
doubt as to the expected level of response?

Former CIA official and National Intelligence Officer Christison
explains the grassroots potential: "A Scripps Howard News Service/Ohio
University poll taken from July 6 to 24, 2006 concluded that 'more than
a third [36 percent] of the American public suspects that federal
officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to
stop them, so that the United States could go to war in the Middle
East.' The poll also found that '16 percent of Americans speculate
that secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets, were the
real reason the massive twin towers of the World Trade Center

A poll done by the Zogby polling organization two months earlier,
between May 12 and 16, 2006, and using questions worded somewhat
differently, suggested even more strongly that the issue could become a
'big one' if aggressively publicized. This poll concluded that 42
percent of Americans believed there had indeed been a cover-up of the
true events of 9/11, and an additional 10 percent of Americans were
'unsure.' The co-author of the poll, W. David Kubiak, stated that,
'despite years of relentless media promotion, whitewash, and 9/11
Commission propaganda, the official 9/11 story still can't even muster
50 percent popular support.' Whichever of these polls is closer to the
truth, it would seem that there is considerable support for making a
major political issue of the subject."

Precisely! It is the "American" MSM that is not only America's
greatest enemy, but humanity's as well. If those who blindly support
the Bush regime and the GOP are so assured of the total absurdity,
ridiculousness, and outlandishness of the charges of an "inside job" on
9/11, why don't they initiate debate on their radio and TV shows to
finally settle and silence these "phony" conspiracy claims?

Can you believe that Christine Amanpour of CNN and Rush Limbaugh are
now reading from the same page to protect Bush? Remember Limbaugh's
former rage at CNN during those awful days of the Clinton regime? And
what about "Guy Smiley" O'Reilly? Writing in his organization's
general e-mail newsletter, Dr. Kevin Barrett, the organizational head
of MUJCA [Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9-11 Truth] the
organization that sponsored the Dr. David Ray Griffin 9/11 University
of Wisconsin speech carried on C-Span, stated in his newsletter that
O'Reilly virtually came out and strongly suggested that Barrett be
outed via physical violence. In a
"Who-will-rid-me-of-this-meddlesome-priest" non-invective directed at
Barrett in a televised tirade on FOX, O'Reilly "couched his remarks in
the context of assailing other academicians who have asserted that the
government had a role in bringing about the events of 9/11, a claim to
which he takes strong exception."

These quotes are taken from the website of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and
posted in their "Press Releases" section. The article detailed
O'Reilly's attack on both Barrett and his university: "He attacked the
leadership of the University of Wisconsin, which has reviewed the case
and will allow Barrett to teach a course this fall. During his program
on 11 July, O'Reilly remarked, 'This guy would have been gone at Boston
University, my alma mater, in a heartbeat. The Chancellor there, John
Silber, would of--would have--this guy'd be in the Charles River
floating down, you know, toward the harbor.' He implied that allowing
Barrett to teach at BU 'wouldn't happen' but 'at the University of
Wisconsin there are no standards. . . . I'm stunned.'"

The article goes on: "What's stunning is that this man, who knows
nothing about the events of 9/11 apart from what the government has
told him, nevertheless assumes unto himself the role of judge, jury,
and (it even appears) executioner! This is a travesty, an astonishing
violation of academic freedom, freedom of speech, the right of the
people to be free from assault. Verbal threats are assaults,
especially when, as in this case, they endorse physical violence
against a citizen. Barrett, who was alerted to the threat by David von
Kleist of The Power Hour, has replied by writing to Rupert Murdoch, who
owns Fox News, suggesting that if he were killed as a result of these
remarks, 'Fox News would find itself facing the mother of all lawsuits,
and my family might very well end up in control of the Murdoch

I ask simply: Why wait?! Sue O'Reilly and FOXNews right now, first by
demanding an apology and then putting Murdock and his Irish Setter junk
yard dog on notice that if Barrett were to lose his job, O'Reilly's
vicious attacks documented in the public news domain defamed him! And
if any Bush supporter at either the University of Wisconsin or an
elected fascist in the state legislature tries to maneuver Barrett out
of his job, all involved will be sued.

And what about the families of the 9/11 victims? What about Cindy
Sheehan who lost her boy? Legal expert Jonathan Turley offered during
the impending Clinton impeachment that all that has to be shown to
impeach the president is to prove that the president lied to the
people. That's all - just prove he lied? We have mountains of
evidence that Bush lied and that virtually everyone in the Bush
administration lied about 9/11. No impeachment? Then let the lawsuits

) THEODORE E. LANG 8/15/06 All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.

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