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Re: [Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] Haskell Chess         

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Author: Andrew Wagner
Date: Mar 19, 2007 14:32

Sounds great! I can add patches for ICC, as long as your chess-server
code is flexible enough to allow for multiple possible servers. I can
also try to do some testing under windows. I think for this to be
popular, it will need to work there. As for playing on FICS through, you're a much more patient man than I!

On 3/19/07, Maxime Henrion> wrote:
> Andrew Wagner wrote:
>> Steffen,
>> I've done some chess AI programming in the past, so I'd be happy to
>> help with this project. I have some pretty fundamental design
>> suggestions that I'll write up for the wiki page.
>> Maxime,
>> Handling different chess engines isn't hard. chess engine
>> communication is pretty standardized - you would just need to add
>> support for the winboard and/or UCI protocols. FICS is a little bit
>> harder, but it's just a pure test stream over a socket, somewhat like
>> IRC, but less defined. ICC (another chess server) has a slightly
>> better-defined protocol. I can get you more details on any of these
>> protocols (except maybe FICS, which I don't think is documented), if
>> you'd like. By the way, how portable is your graphics code going to
>> be?
> I haven't yet looked in details at the winboard protocol or UCI,
> but having used crafty and gnuchess in CLI, I have a pretty good
> idea how this is all working, and this is indeed what I intend to
> do.
> As for FICS, I have often played on it through telnet, so I have a
> good knowledge of this text-based protocol. I don't know of any
> standard for FICS, but it isn't strictly required to get something
> working. I'd be interested in ICC support too, but since it's not
> free, it'll have to wait :-).
> As for the portability of the my graphics code, I can just say it's
> GTK+, using Glade XML files, Cairo and SVG on top of Cairo. All
> of this is supposed to work fine on Windows, if that's what you
> were asking. I'm not sure about OS X but I think it could also
> work there. My primary target is UNIX. For those of you who know
> it, I think BabasChess under Windows sums up what I'd like to obtain
> in the end quite nicely, features-wise.
> I'm looking forward receiving your patches! ;-)
> Cheers,
> Maxime
>> Sounds like this will be an interesting project. I look forward to it!
>> Andrew
>> On 3/19/07, Duncan Coutts <> wrote:
>>>On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 12:14 +0100, Maxime Henrion wrote:
>>>> I stepped onto your mail and found it particularly interesting since
>>>> I'm currently writing a chess client in Haskell, using GTK+, glade
>>>> and the nice Cairo library :-). It is called LambdaChess!
>>>Cool! When you have something you want to show off, we could always do
>>>with more expositions & screen shots etc for the Gtk2Hs website like the
>>>things we've got here:
>>>And I'm glad someone is using the new SVG module that got added in the
>>>latest Gtk2Hs release :-)
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