[News] Google Brings Free Software to Education, Myths Busted
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[News] Google Brings Free Software to Education, Myths Busted         

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Author: Roy Schestowitz
Date: Jan 8, 2008 15:50

Silverstripe, Google team up for high school open source competition

,----[ Quote ]
| Kiwi high school students are among over 1000 southern hemisphere
| pre-tertiary youngsters demonstrating their IT prowess this summer in a new
| competition being run by Google.
| The Google Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP) is a pilot programme
| developed on the heels of Google's Summer of Code and is specifically
| designed to accommodate programmers and IT enthusiasts south of the equator.


Another take on Free software in education here:

Soapbox: Open source tools

,----[ Quote ]
| Did a piece of software or hardware revolutionise your school? I doubt it.
| Whatever Bett show or other vendors might try to tell you - liberally
| seasoned with words like "personalisation", "transformational" and the like -
| expensive products do not transform learning, teaching, or even a school:
| people do. We know this, that's why we're here. But what now?
| Open source tools are free, inferior, DIY versions of commercial ones, aren't
| they? So how could these help build capable people? Commercial vendors
| describe cheap, amateurish, unreliable solutions hosted in a corner of a
| room - or, according to a DCSF representative, "boys playing in garden
| sheds". However, the significance of "free" in open source is not cost, but
| the freedom to work as you wish, on your terms and in your own style rather
| than determined by the software market's received wisdom.


Many schools around the world have already moves to GNU/Linux (some examples


Is Linux Worth the Effort?

,----[ Quote ]
| I've spent the better part of the past 2 weeks banging away on 2 LTSP servers
| for our school district. I find myself lamenting to those around me, and
| being an otherwise cranky guy as well. This morning it dawned on me that
| people probably think I'm having such a hard time because I'm using Linux
| instead of the "norm" -- but that's just not the case.    
| Tomorrow morning, about 1200 people are going to log into thin clients strewn
| around the school district here in northern Michigan. I am using K12LTSP as
| my distribution, because the support is incredible, and it's designed for
| schools. The problem for me, however, is that Linux is so darn powerful, my
| users are overwhelmed by it.    
| [...]
| Is it all worth it? Oh, heck yeah. Instead of managing 250 workstations, I'll
| be managing 2. I like that kind of math. There are still a couple hundred
| Macintosh computers, and handfuls of Windows PCs -- but I'd like not to think
| about those for a bit, and bask in my thin client glory.  


Free software in Polish schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Thousands of Polish high school students now have a chance to learn about
| GNU/Linux and the benefits of using free software as Polish FLOSS foundation
| together with school headmasters, supported by local authorities organize a
| series of lectures on free software in education. PolishLinux.org has a
| report — summary of the first 3 months of the campaign.    


Students using PCLinuxOS in Vietnam

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, I decided to test PCLinuxOS with my students. Wow, amazing. Finally
| a Linux distro that the majority of my students actually liked using. It ran
| faster than any of the other Linux distros they tried and easily connected to
| the internet from inside the school (they like to read Yahoo 360 blogs in
| class). They figured out how to use Konquerer to browse around the different
| directories in their laptops without me even telling them. As with Macbooks,
| the Desktop GUI was easy to learn. Thus, I decided to use PCLinuxOS.      


Russian Linux (ALTLinux) to be installed in every school in Russia

,----[ Quote ]
| Russian OS is to be installed on every school computer in Russia by 2009.
| Furthermore, every pupil will get the opportunity to operate the applied
| software produced in Russia, Leonid Reiman, acting Minister of Communication
| stated at a press conference. According to Mr. Reiman, that might
| significantly reduce Russian dependence on foreign software.    


Embracing PCLinuxOS and Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| As other countries embrace free, open source software (like Austrian schools
| learning how to use OpenOffice), especially GNU/Linux distributions on the
| desktop as alternatives to Windows/Mac, the burning question is, how long
| before the USA catches on?  
| [...]
| Maybe another question to ask is, how fast can we honestly expect schools to
| change so that they can simply take advantage of this? And, as they drop all
| the extra software license agreements they've been carrying around, where
| will that money go and how will it be spent? How can educators get it focused
| on where it's needed most?    


'Open Minds' want Linux and open source in American schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Many other countries are turning to Linux and open-source for their
| school-house computer needs, and now there's a conference for those who want
| to bring it to schools in the U.S.  


Open source booming in K-12 education

,----[ Quote ]
| An eSchools report (right) says open source spending is growing 70%% per year,
| and will be up 800%% in 2011 from last year’s level.


U.S. schools may join inexpensive laptop project

,----[ Quote ]
| A project that aims to deliver low-priced laptops with string pulleys
| to the world's poorest children may have a new market: U.S. schools.


Birmingham might buy thousands of XO Laptop computers for students in grades
one through eight

,----[ Quote ]
| The machines don't run Microsoft Office, Photoshop or any other standard Mac
| or Windows programs, instead using a free, open-source version of GNU/Linux,
| with a simplified graphical interface designed for children called Sugar. The
| laptop has a 500-megahertz processor and 256 megabytes of DRAM (dynamic
| random access memory) with 1 gigabyte of flash memory. The laptops have Web
| browsers and their own Wi-Fi system, the ability to connect to the Internet
| wirelessly. Each is on a "mesh network," meaning all the laptops can see each
| other, without any setup, even if there is no wireless connection nearby.      


Linux being launched at schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides the operating system the package is to comprise some freely
| distributed programs, close to MS Office by their functionality, which are to
| be used on computers with the following characteristics: 233 MHz and 128MB
| DDR.  


Kubuntu Takes Over the Canary Islands

,----[ Quote ]
| The Canary Islands have two derivatives of Kubuntu, one which is being
| installed in all their schools and one used by the largest university.


All Macedonian students to use Linux desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| NComputing announced this week that its multi-user virtual desktop software
| and low-cost virtual PC terminals will be used to equip every school child in
| the Republic of Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, with a Linux desktop.  


CICT to computerize 320 public high schools

,----[ Quote ]
| The PCs are loaded with several open-source tools including EdUbuntu (a
| version of Ubuntu designed for schools), OpenOffice, Apache, MySQL and
| Mozilla Firefox, among others.  
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