Re: A few dumb questions
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Re: A few dumb questions         

Author: Big Lou
Date: May 1, 2007 04:49

Cracker Jack wrote:
> I think she died because ...

She's a red shirt*, like Tony's driver.

*See "Star Trek:" a new crew member whose
sole reason for being written into the script is
to advance a plot point or two, then be killed
by aliens after joining an away team to the
surface of a newly-discovered planet.

Carmella tells Tony, "You pretend like there
isn't a piano hanging over your head by a
slim rope." The piano fell on Hesh's girlfriend.

Tony is delusional. He admits to "chasing
it" in one breath, then tells Carm he's "way up,
long-view-wise," since he survived Junior's
shooting. But he's not "way up." He was shot.
He's still chasing it existentially. Carm buys
the myth, because Tony assures her that he's
taken care of her which of course he hasn't.
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