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  Re: Hanging         

Author: cl
Date: Jun 8, 2010 12:27

On 6 Jun., 19:52, cl> wrote:
> On 4 Jun., 13:17, hades> wrote:
>> On Jun 2, 6:18 pm, Ashley L> wrote:
>>> it's easier than it seems; tie a slipknot, put it behind slightly to
>>> the left, close it as much as you can take, then get partially
>>> suspended and that will make the know get tighter and you'll pass out
>>> from not enough blood getting on your brain. how to make this happen
>>> instead of not being able to breathe? practice, and putting something
>>> like a sock between the knot and the towel (make sure that the towel
>>> isn't too big, btw...) OVER THE VEINS and not over the throat. so that
>>> way it will press there first.
>>> against marks once i tried to see if this was an option, and ended up
>>> using one of these ...
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  Re: Time to exit         

Author: Ra Sunder
Date: Jun 8, 2010 11:25

On Jun 7, 4:47 pm, (California
Psychopomp) wrote:
> Helen (Dudleybates) wrote to take 20-24 mg of Ondansetron about 45
> minutes beforehand. She doesn't recommend using Metoclopramide.  
> But if you do decide to use Metoclopramide the amount would be 20-25 mg,
> taken at the same time as the Ondansetron.
> No, 20 grams of Pentobarbital Sodium will not work twice as fast as 10
> grams.  
> Nobody here said Nembutal is fast!  Nembutal is highly regarded because
> it is:
> - reliably lethal by itself
> - peaceful and painless
> But fast?  Maybe if you are very old, but otherwise it can take hours
> and for a small percentage of people, days to work. ...
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  Re: Chloroquine: Phenobarbital + Fast acting benzo         

Author: California Psychopomp
Date: Jun 8, 2010 08:00

If you only have Phenobaribital you can do this:

Ingest 1 gram of Phenobarbital and wait fifteen minutes before you
ingest the rest of your Phenobarbital. Immediately after ingest your

The 1 gram of Phenobarbital should be enough to get you to sleep within
15 minutes after you've swallowed the rest of the drug cocktail, but it
shouldn't be strong enough to force you to sleep against your will
before then.
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  Busco un compañero de suicidio en España / I´m searching for a suicide partner in Spain         

Author: astilla
Date: Jun 8, 2010 05:02

Busco un compañero de suicidio en España, abstenerse curiosos y gente
que dude, escribidme solo si vais totalmente en serio

I´m searching for a suicide partner in Spain, write me only if you are
totally serious, no courious or doubtful people
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  Busco compañero de suicidio en España/I´m searching for a suicide partner in Spain         

Author: AstillaSangrante
Date: Jun 8, 2010 04:32

Busco un compañero de suicidio en España, abstenerse curiosos y gente que dude, escribidme solo si vais totalmente en serio

I´m searching for a suicide partner in Spain, write me only if you are totally serious, no courious or doubtful people
Posted with

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  Re: Hanging Tonight UK         

Author: hopetodie
Date: Jun 8, 2010 03:37

On Jun 7, 12:12 pm, GM Support> wrote:
> Hi guys, I plan on hanging myself tonight as it's the only immediate
> way I can think of ending my life without obtaining difficult drugs or
> jumping (scared to jump). I'm off out to buy a rope soon down the
> local hardware store I know I should buy a thick piece.
> I'll buy the thickest I can find, does anyone know the optimum
> thickness? Also need ideal length. I'm hoping the rope will constrict
> my Jugular vein or the Carotid Artery whichever one it is that will
> induce a black out.
> I'm going to use the reverse Noose method with the knot above my Adams
> apple. I am a Male, 23 otherwise healthy and am 5ft'7in in height.
> Will really need some quick answers, I am willing to wait until
> tomorrow.
> I plan on doing it in a forest on a tree branch.
> Location London, England
> ...
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  Re: the idea of death feel weird to anyone else?         

Author: Jae
Date: Jun 8, 2010 03:37

On Jun 7, 4:55 am, lolhax> wrote:
> it's difficult to fathom being dead
> just... nothing
> normally when i think of being in nothingness, i think of a complete
> lack of sensory input, but not even that would describe it

its funny how the uncertainty of what to expect in death can be just
as disheartening as the certainty of continuous bullshit in life...
Does the curtain close and the theatre just..go black? Absolute
silence? A dark void?
Sometimes I think it may be like the most peaceful slumber imaginable
and other times, like being in a nightmare where you're screaming at
the top of your lungs yet no noise is coming out of your mouth. I hate
speculating *hmph*
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  21 Female Question about yummy suicide         

Author: Keara
Date: Jun 8, 2010 02:47

I've been reading several articles about detergent suicide. The goal
is to suffocate from the fumes of hydrogen sulfide.

My plan is to do this detergent suicide in my car.
Does anyone have suggestions on where I should park my car to do the

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  Is this real?         

Author: Roxy
Date: Jun 8, 2010 02:17

This is supposed to be the original site. If you search on google
translate, it will translate the page to english. It even asks you for
the measurement of the area you will be in. I am thinking a 2 person
tent. Is this real?
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  Re: The new sexual revolution is upon us!!         

Author: bitckcapes
Date: Jun 8, 2010 02:05

On Jun 6, 12:08 pm, David> wrote:
> If you'll examine both beastiality and necrophilia you will find that
> besides the antiquated taboos associated with participation they are
> totally victimless crimes. You cannot insult
> the dead can you? The body is only a shell, what is wrong with
> expressing your love in that
> manner? The world is full of hate and war, we must allow our minds to
> expand and accept new concepts. When my father passed away {god rest
> his soul} I had a
> fantasy of fondling his scrotum. I was able to make this fantasy a
> reality and it was
> good. There's nothing wrong with expressing your love in such a manner
> just as there's nothing
> wrong with expressing your love with a non human entity such as a K-9.
> Society makes it dirty or wrong with it's unfounded taboos. Only
> egalitarian intellectuals like myself can see through the deceptions
> resulting from hundreds of years of misinformation.
> --
> Regards ...
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