Sadr in talks to return to Iraqi govt in blow to US
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Sadr in talks to return to Iraqi govt in blow to US         

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Author: Johnny Asia
Date: Dec 22, 2006 16:09

Sadr in talks to return to Iraqi govt in blow to US

by Mona Salem Fri Dec 22, 4:39 AM ET

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Radical anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's
movement is in talks to rejoin Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's
ruling coalition, in an apparent defeat for US attempts to sideline him.

As Washington seeks a new way forward in Iraq, American officials have
made it clear that they favour a realignment in Iraq's unity
government, which would exclude Sadr and his Shiite militia.

Last month Sadr appeared to have helped them do this by pulling his 32
lawmakers and six ministers out of the coalition in protest at Prime
Minister Nuri al-Maliki's decision to meet US
President George W. Bush.

But this week Iraqi politicians made a political pilgrimage to the
Shiite holy city of Najaf to talk to Sadr's allies and persuade him to
renew his ties with Maliki's ruling coalition.

Afterwards, the leader of Sadr's parliamentary bloc, Nasser al-Rubaie,
told AFP on Friday: "The Shiite coalition has put in place a committee
to discuss the Sadr current's return to parliament and to government."

Sadr's movement has demanded a timetable for an American withdrawal
from Iraq, but it was not clear whether this would be a precondition
for its return to the government.

HAHAHA, fuck you, Bush regime.

Johnny Asia, Guitarist from the Future

Want to know what's really going on in Iraq?

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