Re: Democrats Lose Another Round to the Honorable President Bush
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Re: Democrats Lose Another Round to the Honorable President Bush         

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Author: MioMyo
Date: Jun 22, 2008 17:46

"jismguy"> wrote in message
> With BARACK OBAMA'S ascension to front-runner's status for president
> of the former (pre-Dumbya) "United" States, a frightening resurgence
> of HATE GROUPS and RACIST NUTS is spilling and spewing levels of
> ignorance and intolerance not seen in "America" since the 1960s.
> Intentionally ignored by millions of right-wing nuts, fundamentalist
> religionists, and virtually the entire the Republican party -- even on
> these Google groups we find obvious RACISTS like:
> janet_reno, Leonard Abbot, 527_blue_collar_worker, torresD,
> MioMyo, Let the truth be known, theloneranger100, and
> ObamaWillDestroyUSA

Why don't you just employ tattoos and embrace all of your fascist

It's so much the way of new-age radical-fringe leftists who have finally
acknowledged that they can't win by debating issues or by permitting their
challengers the convenience of such freedoms like of- speech/press. Instead,
leftist (the latest in worshippers of fascist ideology) label those who both
disagree and dispute-eviscerate their nonsense, into one of the left's
little think-tank-proven sub-class-hate categories such as (racist, sexist,
[@#$%%^]-Republican, etc). This leftist/fascist tactic thereby dispenses of
any need to justify and/or prove their labeling and, more importantly
thereby dispenses of all need to defend their practice of this
failed-onerous ideology.

The day is coming when the people will force leftist to defend their fascist
political ideology instead of merely mind-numbingly chanting sound-byte
hate-slogans in their defense......
> Yes, your arrested-development, not-so-intelligent and less-than-
> educated fellow posters are scrawling even more of their customary raw
> and undisguised hate than in the very recent past. Check 'em out.
> For OBAMA, certainly NOW is the time to be wary, and be secure. Where
> there is HATRED and IGNORANCE, there could be DANGER!
> -------------------------
> "Hate Groups' Newest Target"
> "White Supremacists Report an Increase in Visits to Their Web Sites"
> By Eli Saslow
> Washington Post Staff Writer
> Sunday, June 22, 2008; A06
> Sen. Barack Obama's historic victory in the Democratic primaries,
> celebrated in America and across much of the world as a symbol of
> racial progress and cultural unity, has also sparked an increase in
> racist and white supremacist activity, mainly on the Internet,
> according to leaders of hate groups and the organizations that track
> them.
> Neo-Nazi, skinhead and segregationist groups have reported gains in
> numbers of visitors to their Web sites and in membership since the
> senator from Illinois secured the Democratic nomination June 3. His
> success has aroused a community of racists, experts said, concerned by
> the possibility of the country's first black president.
> "I haven't seen this much anger in a long, long time," said Billy
> Roper, a 36-year-old who runs a group called White Revolution in
> Russellville, Ark. "Nothing has awakened normally complacent white
> Americans more than the prospect of America having an overtly nonwhite
> president."
> Such groups have historically inflated their influence for self-
> promotion and as an intimidation technique, and they refused to
> provide exact membership numbers or open their meetings to a reporter.
> Leaders acknowledged that their numbers remain very small -- "the flat-
> globe society still has more people than us," Roper said. But experts
> said their claims reveal more than hyperbole this time.
> "The truth is, we're finding an explosion in these kinds of hateful
> sentiments on the Net, and it's a growing problem," said Deborah
> Lauter, civil rights director for the Anti-Defamation League, which
> monitors hate group activity. "There are probably thousands of Web
> sites that do this now. I couldn't even tell you how many are out
> there because it's growing so fast."
> Neo-Nazi and white power groups acknowledge that they have little
> ability to derail Obama's candidacy, so instead some have decided to
> take advantage of its potential. White-power leaders who once feared
> Obama's campaign have come to regard it as a recruiting tool. The
> groups now portray his candidacy as a vehicle to disenfranchise whites
> and polarize America.
> Obama has worked hard to minimize the issue of race in his
> presidential campaign. When asked about divisiveness and hate, he
> talks instead about ways in which unity between blacks and whites has
> inspired him. He chose to "reject and denounce" an endorsement from
> Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan. Obama quit his church after
> his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., spoke of racism and
> oppression in the "United States of white America."
> Earlier this month, Obama's campaign launched a Web site to defuse the
> false rumors that hate-mongers spread on the Internet. The site lists
> a series of untruths about Obama -- that he is Muslim; that his books
> contain racist passages; that his wife, Michelle, used the word
> "whitey" -- and discredits them.
> "The Obama campaign isn't going to let dishonest smears spread across
> the Internet unanswered," Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a
> statement. "We have to be proactive and fight back."
> But on a Web site run out of a house in West Palm Beach, Fla., the
> other side is also fighting.
> Don Black spends 16 hours each day on his laptop computer reading
> hundreds of derogatory Obama comments posted on, a Web
> site with the motto "white pride world wide." Black, a former Ku Klux
> Klan leader, launched the site in 1995 to create a central meeting
> place for the white power movement. In the wake of Obama's securing
> enough delegates for the nomination, Stormfront, he says, has begun to
> fulfill his vision.
> A site that drew a few thousand visitors per day in 2002 has expanded
> into Black's full-time job, attracting more than 40,000 unique users
> each day who can post on 54 different message boards, he said. Black
> has enlisted 40 moderators and his 19-year-old son to help run
> Stormfront.
> Posters on Stormfront complain that Obama represents the end of "white
> rule" and the beginning of "multiculturalism." They fear that he will
> promote affirmative action, support illegal immigration and help
> render whites, who make up two-thirds of the U.S. population, "the new
> minority."
> "I get nonstop e-mails and private message from new people who are mad
> as hell about the possibility of Obama being elected," said Black, a
> white power activist since the 1970s. "White people, for a long time,
> have thought of our government as being for us, and Obama is the best
> possible evidence that we've lost that. This is scaring a lot of
> people who maybe never considered themselves racists, and it's
> bringing them over to our side."
> Almost all white power leaders said they are benefiting from the rise
> in recruits. David Duke, a former Louisiana state representative and a
> longtime advocate of racial segregation, said hits to his Web site
> have doubled and that more organizations now request him as a guest
> speaker. Dan Hill, who runs an extremist group in northern Michigan,
> says his cohorts are more willing to "take serious action" and plan
> rallies to protest politicians and immigration. Roper says White
> Revolution receives about 10 new applicants each week, more than
> double the norm.
> The past few months reflect a recent trend of hate group growth, watch
> organizations said. Fueled primarily by anti-immigration sentiment,
> white supremacy groups have increased by nearly half since 2000,
> according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate
> groups. The KKK has diversified regionally and now has about 150
> chapters spread through 34 states.
> "Our side does better when the public is being pressured, when gas
> prices are high, when housing is bad, when a black man might be
> president," said Ron Doggett, who runs a white power group called EURO
> in Richmond. "People start looking for solutions and changes, and we
> offer radical changes to what's going on."
> The new interest has led to a debate among white supremacists about
> how to harness it. So far, groups have executed a few small efforts to
> disrupt Obama's campaign. A bar in Georgia sells T-shirts depicting
> Obama's campaign slogan under the image of a monkey. A New York group
> distributed bumper stickers that read: "Wake up white people." Hill,
> who trains in militia and survival techniques with his group in
> northern Michigan, drove to an Obama rally and tried to "fire people
> up, maybe get a riot started or something."
> The groups also despise Republican Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for his
> moderate views on immigration and his willingness to stick with the
> Iraq war. Better for Obama to win, leaders said, because his
> presidency could fuel a recruitment drive big enough to launch events
> that the white power movement has spent decades anticipating.
> "One person put it this way: Obama for president paves the way for
> David Duke as president," said Duke, who ran for president in 1988,
> received less than 1 percent of the vote and has since spent much of
> his time in Europe. "This is finally going to make whites begin to
> realize it's a necessity to stick up for their own heritage, and
> that's going to make them turn to people like me. We're the next
> logical step."
> There is also another possibility, of course, one that makes white
> power leaders despise Obama even more.
> "What you try not to think about is that maybe if Obama wins, it will
> create a very demoralizing effect," Doggett said. "Maybe people see
> him in office, and it's like: 'That's it. It's just too late. Look at
> what's happened now. We've endured all these defeats, and we've still
> got a multicultural society.' And then there's just no future for our
> viewpoint."
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