Re: For Arnie who is now calling Paul Martin and Michael Langone's writings I quoted Scientology Propoganda
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Re: For Arnie who is now calling Paul Martin and Michael Langone's writings I quoted Scientology Propoganda         

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Author: Monica Pignotti
Date: Jul 11, 2008 04:48

On Jul 10, 8:33 pm, " Exposing the CON for over 10 years!"> wrote:
>>> "Because deprogramming had come to be associated with coercion and
>>> confinement and because it so often worked (about two-thirds of the
>> And that is EXACTLY why I choose to use it... because it has "come
>> to be associated"
>> as stated above...
>> Monica, YOU are uninformed, and being an active coconspirator with
>> the cults
>> If every time we react to propogansitic redefinition of words
>> initiated by contrived plan, project and programs, by changing our use
>> of words we are by our actions re-enforcing the desired intend of
>> those who are using this thought stopping propoganda.
>> even you, monica must admit this self evident truth.
>> IF Scientology is mental programming, and Ill stress that it is
>> mental programming that suspends THOUGHT, suspends sentient
>> involvement in one's own life, replacing it with a regressed child
>> like even womb like security of "duplication of source". There is no
>> longer any need to think, you just duplicate source (whomeever is
>> running the programming)
>> IF Scientology is mental programming then the proper word to use
>> to describe what is done to make a person THINK again is called
>> I dont care which of your Logical Fallacies you throw up.
>> Appeal to Authority? I consider the writer you quoted to by his
>> own lack of courage to face the propaganda... by his own fear of
>> endless diatribes, to have become to a degree a co-conspirator in the
>> continued mental programming via covert hypnosis and information
>> control scam dba scientology.
>> I do not promote or condone forced deprogramming, though I
>> sometimes I wish someone had had had the courage and vision and love
>> to snatch me off the street in 1971 in Los Anglese and duct tape me to
>> chair and read me Scandal of Scientology by Paullette Cooper...
>> To hide from the use of a simple english word that precisely
>> describes what has to be done to a persons mind to make them begin to
>> think again is cowardice. Evidence of an inability to grasp and
>> understand the proper responses to propaganda by redefinition of
>> words, which IMO is to step INTO it and deal with it, not run and hide
>> from a "word that has come to be associated" What a load of
>> pseudointellectual rubbish.
>> And that is MY opinion.
>> Thank you for listening
>> regards
>> Arnie Lerma
>> More on hypnosis in Scientology
>> Support:http://www.Lermanet.comExposing the CON
>> for our friends and family
>> to get them out of scientology
>> before they end up here:
>> repost:
>> A FAST hypnosis technique currently in vogue
>> This description of this particular technique seems so familiar,
>> anyone who recalls something like this, please email me..
>> Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery wrote:
>> The paternal induction style is abrupt, shocking, dictatorial, highly
>> authoritarian in tone, a domineering technique based on fear. A
>> paternal-style induction uses a fast, directive induction method with
>> a cold, unfriendly tone of voice. Ferenczi said that paternal hypnosis
>> reawakens the hating and fearing attitude learned by a little child
>> when disciplined by his parents. He said that, in paternal hypnosis,
>> the subject is motivated by need for "abasement" and for "compliance."
>> According to psychoanalysts, that need for abasement is an infantile,
>> erotic, masochistic complex.
>> Such a subject is in awe of the hypnotist, and submits to the
>> operator's demands out of fear of him.
>> ...the hypnotist with the imposing exterior, who works by frightening
>> and startling...[is like] the stern, all-powerful father, to believe
>> in, to obey, to imitate whom, is the highest ambition of every
>> child...
>> [hypnosis] consists in the deliberate establishment of conditions
>> under which the tendency to blind belief and uncritical obedience
>> present in everyone, but usually kept repressed by the censor (remains
>> of the infantile-erotic loving and fearing of the parents), may
>> unconsciously be transferred to the person hypnotizing... (Ferenczi,
>> Sex in Psychoanalysis,Ch. 2)
>> [...]
>> Hypnosis always arouses a childlike state of mind: dependence and
>> transference. Transference means relating to the hypnotist as if to a
>> parent
>> figure, hero, or godlike spiritual leader.
>> ...the hypnotic subject is being directed to assume a state of mind in
>> which mature discriminations are excluded and childish dependence upon
>> the
>> hypnotist is encouraged.
>> As some people are pleased to be in a state where life seems narrowed
>> down to an easily manageable level of closeness with a powerful
>> guiding parent, hypnosis is in no danger of extinction... (Kovel, p.
>> 209)
>> In the midst of World War II, Margaret Estabrook reported, in a
>> Seattle newspaper, on research which created
>> an artificial childhood: ...hypnosis is a peculiar relationship
>> between two people. The hypnotist is a figure of parental authority,
>> just as a doctor is to a patient, or a teacher to his pupil. Even more
>> strikingly than in these other relationships, the subject tends to
>> respond emotionally to the hypnotist in the same manner that he
>> responded to his own parents in his childhood. In particular,
>> "parental" commands in the form of suggestions are readily obeyed...
>> (Margaret Estabrook, 1942, p. 1)
>> [...]
>> A hypnotist's use of authority can vary wildly. He can create the
>> state, then let the subject take full control; training in biofeedback
>> does that. At the other extreme, the hypnotist uses a totally
>> authoritarian strategy in which the subject never is expected to have
>> self-control in the hypnotic state again. Suggested total amnesia for
>> all events under trance may cause the subject to be consciously
>> unknowing of their hypnotic relationship. Complete amnesia is not
>> typical, however, even of deep trance events. Hypnosis, at best, is a
>> special way of encouraging a subject's unconscious mind to activate
>> its own capacity for healing. At worst, it can be the tool of an
>> abusive parasitizing of one mind by another for the purpose of
>> exploitation.

No, Arnie, it is not Scientology propoganda. It is a matter of
recognizing past mistakes and moving on. Patrick's deprogramming was
one of those harmful mistakes made by people who didn't know any
better. Now, thankfully, most of us do and want to have new terms that
are not associated with this barbaric practice.
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