Re: Air America to be acquired by some liberal whore
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Re: Air America to be acquired by some liberal whore         

Author: Fookahyoo
Date: Jan 30, 2007 15:18

"Rudy Canoza"> wrote in message
> "Air America Radio, the liberal network that filed for
> bankruptcy protection in October, said yesterday that
> it had reached a tentative agreement to be acquired by
> Stephen L. Green, the chairman of a real estate
> investment trust specializing in office buildings."
> Air America failed because of its overarching negative
> view of the U.S. I heard "Conway and Whitman" on the
> radio for the first time tonight on the way home from
> work, and Conway - son of legend Tim Conway - made an
> excellent and funny point. He said that whenever he
> got to feeling good about America over some
> unequivocally good action, like aid to victims of the
> Pakistan earthquake or aid to victims of the 2004
> tsunami, all he had to do was turn on Air America to ...
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