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  Re: MeeGo         

Author: mechanic
Date: Jun 8, 2010 11:48

On Mon, 07 Jun 2010 19:21:23 +0800, Man-wai Chang to The Door
(33600bps) wrote:
> Is MeeGo going to be a better Linux than Ubuntu or Fedora?

Not till they support Broadcom 4312 ootb :-(

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  Re: [grub + no keyboard] was Re: update policy. rant.         

Author: Joe
Date: Jun 8, 2010 11:16

On 2010-06-07, NoOp> wrote:
> On 06/05/2010 12:38 PM, David wrote:
>> In article <4c0a8fed$0$4825$>, Norman
>> Peelman wrote:
> ...
>>>> It is Ubuntu 10.04 and no, I haven't tried it because I don't know
>>>> what it is; but, surely, that would be some feature of an already
>>>> booted system?
>>> No, You can access it at the Login screen (you may have to 'click' on
>>> your username first). There is a little man icon that you can select
>>> it from (bottom of the screen). It will popup on the screen and you
>>> can use the mouse to select the 'keys'. Once booted you'll more than
>>> likely have your keyboard working as this seems to be a boot issue
>>> in 10.04
>> I'm not sure that we're not at cross-purposes here. I've found the
>> little icon and got the on-screen keyboard but I don't need it at that
>> point. It's before then when I can't use the keyboard: when the kernel ...
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Author: Simon Jones
Date: Jun 8, 2010 09:26

What is the easiest way to get Thunderbird 2 on Lucid Lynx?

I would settle for moving the message buttons back to the toolbar in

Any pointers? I can get the tarball and out it in /opt but I wondered
if there is an actual deb about for it?



A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting annoying?

Author: Uno
Date: Jun 8, 2010 08:08

clear isn't really clearing for me.

When I do cls on a dos window then select all and copy, anything that
preceded the cls does not end up on the clipboard. clear does not.

I manned clear, expecting to find a switch that really gets rid of
everything, but there there wasn't anything.

So what to do?

Does anybody know what happens to methane at 152.4 atmospheres?

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  Re: Trouble with Ubuntu for Netbook computers         

Author: Jeffrey Needle
Date: Jun 8, 2010 07:41

Craig wrote:
> On 06/06/2010 11:27 AM, Jeffrey Needle wrote:
>> The transition to Linux is, for most of us, no different.
>> Please be patient with older people like myself who ask a question now
>> and then. I have no desire to return to Windows.
> Hey Jeffrey;
> I haven't been tracking all of your threads in here but will do so from
> here on out. If I can help, I'll post. Oh, and about "older people..."
> <>
> best,

Yahoo! Yeah, middle-aged people do have brains
-- imagine that!!! How
about seniors? Now THAT'S a question that remains to be answered .

Thanks for the note.
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  Re: Trouble with Ubuntu for Netbook computers         

Author: Jeffrey Needle
Date: Jun 8, 2010 07:37

> I don't think you are necessarily the "problem" Jeffrey.

> The problem is the Win-droids and their attitude. Not former Windows
> users who are seeking help.

I'm not fond of anyone who breaks into a newsgroup like this and causes
trouble. I'm also not fond of being accused of being such a person.
Frankly, I'm not sure Dan C. does a damned thing to keep this newsgroup
on the straight and narrow. Instead, when people like myself (and yes,
I'm posting right now, temporarily, from Windows) come for help and end
up being tossed into the waste bin by people like Dan C.

I'm grateful for all the help I've been given. I hope Dan C. can learn
to control his broad brush condemnation of people already a bit
traumatized by the change from Windows to Linux.
> I'm 65 and disabled, but age and physical ability has nothing to do with
> the Win-droid problem. Nor of how "smart" someone is.

I'm 60 and disabled. Yeah, just a kid...
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  Re: update policy. rant.         

Date: Jun 8, 2010 03:16

On Mon, 7 Jun 2010 15:21:50 +0000 (UTC)
J G Miller yoyo.ORG> wrote:
> On Monday, June 7th, 2010 at 09:17:18h -0500, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
>> Why, sure, since there's no other place to get Ubuntu help online.
> Hmm, an outburst of sarcasm perhaps, since there is always
> <http://ubuntuforums.ORG/>
> and maybe some help can even be found at
> <http://forums.linuxmint.COM>

And here is a great resource:
ubuntu-users mailing list
Modify settings or unsubscribe at:
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  Re: update policy. rant.         

Author: Wolf K
Date: Jun 8, 2010 01:02

On 07/06/2010 14:33, David wrote:
> In>, Wolf K
> wrote:
>> BTW, if you shut down the machine from the screen or with the Off
>> button on the front, you do not actually shut it off completely. A
>> trickle current still flows, keeping CMOS charged, external USB
>> ports running, and enabling machines to restart when you touch the
>> keyboard (for example). If you are using the power switch on the
>> back of the box, or a powerbar or surge protector to switch the
>> system on and off, then there's no trickle current. This suggests a
>> possible test of my hypothesis.
> No, I only use the menu "Shut Down..." option (I used to Hibernate but
> this 10.04 doesn't recover from hibernation but goes into a restart...
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  Re: Trouble with Ubuntu for Netbook computers         

Author: *Hemidactylus*
Date: Jun 8, 2010 00:37

On 06/06/2010 02:27 PM, Jeffrey Needle wrote:
> Well, tell the truth, I'm far too busy to troll anything. I'm just a
> senior citizen trying to make sense of the Linux world. It's
> sufficiently different from what we're used to that questions are
> inevitable. And, if this newsgroup doesn't exist to help others and to
> share ideas, why does it exist at all?

From my experience usenet is a place more like UFC or MMA than a place
for measured intellectual discourse or help. You've gotta develop a
thick skin or use a killfile. I have a thick skin.
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  New X server update caution         

Author: Ray Hughes
Date: Jun 7, 2010 23:42

ubuntustatus (1 hour ago from identica)
A new X server is about to be uploaded which requires all the drivers to
be rebuilt. Be careful when upgrading in the next few days.


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