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Re: Another Random Sunday         

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Author: hpjeannie
Date: Jun 7, 2010 21:55

On Jun 7, 10:40 am, Veronique> wrote:
> On Jun 6, 10:24 pm, hpjeannie> wrote:
>> On Jun 6, 5:38 am, Kim> wrote:
>>> 10. If you were an image consultant - what advice would you give yourself?
>> Step away from the computer and onto the treadmill.
> I really, really liked the study of children's television/exercise
> habits: they hooked TVs up to a bicycle generator, so watching TV was
> only possible whilst exercising. It was found that the average child
> in the non-bike household watched umpty-hours (six? eight?) of TV
> daily and did no exercise, whereas the generator-attached kids watched
> an hour of TV and by great good coincidence, an hour of exercise each
> day.
> I've often thought that standard computer power generated by bike or
> treadmill would be awesome.

I can put my laptop on the treadmill's operating "dashboard" and
bungee it there, but it interrupts my pace to operate the mousepad...I
need to just watch a movie or something on it instead of trying to do
email or Facebook. Poker works pretty well, though. But I can't
change any of the treadmill settings with the laptop there.

I would watch TV, but the treadmill is out on the deck. I do like to
walk on it and listen to my MP3 player and watch the birds and the
breezes; I just need to friggin' buckle down and DO it.

OMG, I just realized my sister-in-law loaned me some old Julia Child
episodes on DVD...that would be perfect! I have a headset with a long
cord even. Thanks!

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