Re: MSM as a cut in Meth
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Re: MSM as a cut in Meth         

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Author: Bob
Date: Jun 9, 2008 04:18

"Jose"> wrote in message
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On Jun 7, 12:22 am, "Bob"> wrote:
> "Jose"> wrote in message
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> On Jun 6, 12:35 pm, "Bob"> wrote:
>> "neutron"> wrote in message
>>> "Bob"> wrote
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I got a batch of meth last night, and I suspect it was cut with MSM
>>>> (Methylsulfonylmethane), also known as Methyl Sulfone. Does anyone
>>>> know
>>>> of a way to get the MSM out of the Meth? Is so, could you describe
>>>> the
>>>> procedure in detail? TIA
>>>> Bob
>>> MSM is good for you. You can buy it in any health food store, Mr. DEA
>>> Man.
>> Sheesh! I know how MSM is used as a dietary supplement. And I'm NOT
>> DEA...sheesh again! Search for my posts on alt.drugs.ghb. I've been
>> around
>> for a long time--just new to this group
> ----
> since nearly all (98%%+) of all meth is now made in mexico (according
> to all govt and other reports) it is cut with msm BEFORE it gets into
> the USA
> DEA says over 70%% of multi kilo is msm and the avg street gram is
> to remove msm I have *heard* you use pure acetone (not h despot crap
> unless you "dry" it first with epsons and know how!!!!)
> crush msm and meth to powder or dissolve in minute amount of eth
> then flush with excess of HOT (careful) acetone and decant acetone
> when you see acetone 'hit I have heard people do say things like,
> "where did it all go!"
> that would be normal with meth anymore (for last several years) as its
> all universally cut with msm to make those pretty msm crystals or
> 'shards
> ---------real meth doesnt make them so large or even white/clear like
> msm does!
> that little bit left at the bottom is the real thing --it does not
> dissolve in acetone--
> "hot" aceone(careful!!!)
> will cut the msm crap too
> this is all anecdotal info I have heard or read
> take it as you want
> ____________________________________________
> Thanks Jose for the suggestions! I don't have enough on me right now to be
> concerned about the cut, but last night I had an 8-ball. I shure wish (in
> hindsight) I had cleaned up that shit before using it. I had a strange
> reaction. I snorted about 4 big lines, and then went to bed for a few
> hours.
> Good god, I thought! That's NEVER happened before. Then when I got up and
> started back in on it, I did about 2 grrams within a couple of hours. I
> didn't get shaky. I didn't feel wired, but I felt dizzy. Again, that's
> never
> happened to me before, so I suspected something was wrong with the shit.
> Once I did the rest of it, at around 6:00 am, I stayed awake all day long
> feeling pretty wired. This has been one weird experience!
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btw you can use home despot or hdwe store acetone if you dry it first
but its easier for someone who can get it--to get pure tech or reagent
grade acetone by the gallon

to dry hardare store acetone you take epsons salts and crush them fine
and put in the oven for 1-3 hours on a sheet
at around 300 and that drys it--then you dump it immediatly into the
gallon can of acetone and it soaks up the water in the can
you can then filter it out or just use the top of the can acetone or
the like acetone is cheap by the gallon and you can get it at any ind
chem supply house though
for around 20 tops I would say and it is 99.9 or whatever if you get
tech grade --reagent is better but tech works fine--dont leave cap off
very long and use teflon around neck threads good luck dont by msm
junk but its almost inevitable you will .. btw--> I hate meth myself
and it is UNKNOWN here but if I had it or dextro know people who would
love to take all that was available at 1200 an oz but I stay legal and
out of trouble ---it is tempting though :) I know what dextro and meth
goes for so I know when idiots like freak say they get dextro USP for
a few bucks a gram I just laugh. Hell, it costs more than that in
aesar's scheduled meds catalog for research labs so many wannabes
who swill dxm from cvs on here and brag of getting things below lab
grade wholesale to research facilities makes me laugh


Thanks for the additional details Jose! Next time I'm suspicious of cut
meth, I'll try your method. Meth isn't really my "drug of choice" either. I
just happened to have easy access to it. The first few times taking it was
quite pleasant, but I developed a tolerance quickly, and now I don't feel
good on it OR off it. I need a break from this shit. In fact, I might not
use it again. What I think happened the night it didn't have much effect on
me is discussed in my reply to ooTangleroo. Look up my reply to him if
you're interested. Thanks again for the advice!

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