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  Re: Story: Jump Rope         

Author: xx
Date: Jul 4, 2006 21:08

about as sick as you can get you fucking nonce


"Michael"> wrote in message
> You are sick motherfuckers!
> "bobandcarole"> wrote in message
> news:44AA079B...
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  Story: Jump Rope         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jul 4, 2006 08:15

Story: Jump Rope

My mother died when I was just starting high school and my dad wasted no
time finding a Mexican wife on the internet. I guess she was alright,
but thing about her was her daughter – Lourdes. I never...
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  Story: Katy the Condom Girl         

Date: Jul 3, 2006 02:21

Story: Katy the Condom Girl

By Willowall (M+/g, gb, ws, abuse)

Frank Phelps hated his daughter. Not only was Katy butt-ugly, but she
looked just like his dead wife. Sure he liked fucking the six-year-old
plenty, but when he wasn't fucking her he really hated having her
around. She always wanted something to eat, and was always complaining
about something, like how much her pussy hurt or how much she missed her
mom. It got to the point that Frank hated her so much, he had to fuck
her with a bag over her head so he wouldn't have to look at her.

One day he was telling all this to one of his pervert buddies, Will,
when Will came up with an idea that would change Frank and Katy's lives
for the better for ever. See, Will had two big kinks in his life --
preteen girls, and sex toys. Will's hobby as a sex toy aficionado had
expanded so that he was able to make a business out of it by
manufacturing toys of his own design and selling them online.
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  Story: KIM'S DIARY         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Jul 3, 2006 02:20




Dear Diary,

I've never kept a diary before. Mommy and Daddy way that most people who
keep a diary write in it as if they were writing a letter to someone
named "Diary". So I guess I will too. Hello, Diary! How are you? I am
fine. (Ha ha!).

My name is Kim. I live with my Mommy and Daddy in ******. I am nine
years old. I have a puppy and a bird, and a real pony I can ride. I like
baseball and playing with dolls and trucks. I love Jesus cause he's my
Savior. I love my Mommy and Daddy cause they take good care of me. They
make sure I get good food to eat, and good clothes. They teach me all
kinds of things. And they make sure I behave, too. That's because they
believe in "corprul punishment", or something like that. What that means
is that I get spanked a lot. And whipped.
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  Story: Mandie has a Miscarriage         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Jul 3, 2006 02:19

Story: Mandie has a Miscarriage

By Willowall (M/f, pedo, preg, anal, viol)

I'm the principal of a successful private school in a suburb of Chicago.
For your child to be admitted to my school you must be Republican and
you must sign a statement that you raise your child with traditional
family values. Imagine my outrage, then, when on the first day of the
new school year I witnessed little Mandie Smith getting off the bus
looking like she was at least 5 months pregnant. The girl was only 12
years old. That sort of thing is fine if you're a piece of nigger trash
in the city -- and I'm sure the public school's are filled with
knocked-up 12 year olds -- but not at MY school, goddamit!

I immediately grabbed Mandie by the hand, rushed her into my office, and
slammed the door shut, hoping none of the parents saw her. I told my
secretary to get Mandie's dad on the phone and have him get his ass in
my office within the hour.

I met Douglas Smith at the door, shook his hand, and walked him to my
office. We sent Mandie into another room while we talked.

"Well, Mr. Smith, we've got a problem here," I said.

"Yes, what's the problem?" he asked.
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  Story: ELECTRIC WIRE         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jul 3, 2006 02:18



After years of careful research and development, the manufacturers of
the famous "9-12f GrooveStrap" proudly present:

The 9-12f Electric Wire!

The 9-12f Electric Wire, like the GrooveStrap, is made of the finest
natural and synthetic materials. If properly employed it should provide
years of disciplinary use and pleasure. This document will serve as
combination warranty, directions for use, and contract. Please read it

The 9-12f Electric Wire is designed for use only on a 9 to 12 year old
preteen girl in the context of a legal, heterosexual, marital
relationship (special application may be made for use on an 8-year-old
girl). Naturally, owing to the differences in age-of-consent and
marriage laws, this restricts the areas of the world in which it may be
properly used. That is why the 9-12f Electric Wire is manufactured in
******, and can be shipped only to *****, *****, and *****.
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  Story: Adopted Daughter         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jun 29, 2006 23:55

Story: Adopted Daughter

Unthinkable: A Little Girl's Harrowing Tale of Survival
A Suburban Family Discovers a Terrible Truth About an Adopted Daughter

by Janus
Copyright 2006
U.S. Weektime Magazine

(Editor’s Note: Names and descriptions in this story have been changed
to protect identities. Some readers may find the accounts in this report
to be graphic and disturbing.)

Jocelyn Macallister didn’t think much when her sons Josh and Sam started
locking their bedroom doors when they played during the day. Her sons,
ages 12 and 11 respectively, were growing up fast and she felt it was a
good idea to respect their privacy. What she didn’t realize, however,
was that the boys weren’t alone behind those locked doors. What Jocelyn
found out shocked her and nearly tore this New England family apart.
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  Story: Alice         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jun 29, 2006 23:54

Story: Alice

The cool gentle breeze of this October evening made the waves bounce.
It was a beautiful evening here on the coast and I was enjoying the picture
perfect scene before me. "Got a cigarette mister?" I heard a soft little
voice ask. I looked behind me and there stood a very beautiful young
blonde girl!

"You're kind of young to be smoking aren't you kid?" I asked her as I
slipped a smoke from my pack.

"I ain't too young for anything mister!" she said, giving me a hard
glare. I looked at the little girl. She was a lovely little thing, about
4 ½ feet tall and I would guess her weight to be about 90 pounds. Her long
blonde hair bounced in the breeze and glistened in the evening sun. I
immediately looked at this young girl and decided that there were indeed
some things that she was too young for.

"Thanks mister," she said as I took my lighter and lit it for her. She
held the cigarette up between her slender little fingers, took a deep drag
then exhaled a large puff of blue-gray smoke. "Mmmmmmm. Nice," she said
smiling up at me.
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  Story: Amanda Gets Zipped!         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jun 29, 2006 23:53

Story: Amanda Gets Zipped!

By Willowall (Child physical and sexual abuse)

WARNING... This story contains graphic descriptions of sex among adults
and minors. If you find this offensive stop reading now. This story is
entirely fictional and any similarity between persons and events
depicted in it and actual persons and events is purely coincidental. The
story is pure fantasy and none of the events described herein are
practiced, advocated or condoned by the author.

Write to for suggestions, comments or questions.

* * *


Fred arrived in front of Dr. Harry Smith's office with his seven year
old daughter, Amanda, promptly at 9:00 in the morning, before the good
Doc had even arrived for work. He had been waiting for this appointment
all week and didn't want to wait another moment.
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  Story: Amber's First Doctor Visit         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jun 29, 2006 23:53

Story: Amber's First Doctor Visit

By Danell (M/g, Pedo)

Note: All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Amber's mommy was schedule to bring her in for her very first doctor
appointment, and my cock was hard thinking about it. I knew she was only
3, but her mom knew of my reputation, and knew that I would take proper
care of her baby. Every time she was in the office for her twice a year
checkup, she always mentioned Amber, and after several visits from her,
the topic of conversation turned more towards the sexual antics of the
little three year old. I was always so nice and hard when I saw her name
on the appointment book, and today was no exception.

Earlier in the day, I had a 9 year old in my office, who the mother
suspected had been sexually molested by her grandfather, and it was my
duty to check her out, and check her out is exactly what I did...
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