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  Story: Bobo King         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Jul 10, 2006 23:58

Story: Bobo King

by Uncle Sky

Central City had been suffering a series of rapes over the past three
months. There had been ten rapes of a variety of victims. There seemed
to be no pattern as far as age or race or description of the victims.
The police were stumped. The only thing that connected the rapes was
that they all took place in a public park. They did find enough DNA to
also be sure they were dealing with one perpetrator.

None of the victims, who ranged in age from ten to sixty, had seen their
attacker. There had been no witnesses. No clues were found at the scenes
other than the DNA and that did not match anything in the data bases
they had checked.

The public was outraged and screaming for some solution. Women were
terrified and parents were keeping their children at home. The parks
were deserted most of the time.

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  Story: Cross Roads         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Jul 10, 2006 23:57

Story: Cross Roads

By Willowall (Mm+/g, rape, viol, kidnap, brutality)

When you find yourself at the crossroads of life... just follow your dick.

Chapter 1

I had been out of work for a while after leaving the air force and was
looking at what I could do with my life. I'm 42 years old, no family or
kids to hold me in any one spot, as working in the air force did not
leave me much time to socialize with people.

I opened up my mail one day and got a letter from a school offering me a
job. It sounded perfect. The only problem I could see was it was in
Texas, but I had done teaching before in the air force so teaching kids
would not be hard, and Texas would be a cool place to live.

Getting the job was easy. I had to drive 1480 miles to my new house that
I bought with some savings from the air force. The guy in the
real-estate office said it was a nice secluded place to be a nice
four-bedroom house, with garage and basement he said. So I thought I
could use the basement as a work shop and playroom.
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  <*>NEW: TROUBLE.TXT "Getting into trouble" (Mmfff, incest, cons, pedo, preg)         

Author: Frank McCoy
Date: Jul 10, 2006 04:58

Getting into trouble
An Erotic Story

It's amazing how much trouble kids can get into if you don't keep an eye or
at least an ear anyway, on them almost all the time. It's not just two-year-
olds, but older kids and even teenagers. ...
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Date: Jul 9, 2006 02:44

Date: Saturday, July 08, 2006 8:42 PM


this newsgroup is getting a little BORRING,(EXCUSE MY SPELLING) but i
have been for over 10 years and been to the same websites and newsgroups
INFINATY times and see the same pictures, videos,read the same posts New
links or anything not discusting .
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  Story: Seducing JoAnn         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jul 8, 2006 23:34

Story: Seducing JoAnn

by bobandcarole

When I was growing up, a boy named Mike came to live near me, and we
became good friends. In a slow, almost innocent way, we also became
physically involved with each other. Shortly after I turned 15 (Mike was
about 13 at the time), we started having full-blown sex. But that is
another story...

Although Mike and I enjoyed each other, we each had our eyes on girls,
too. We would often talk about them, even at the end of one of our steamy
afternoons together. (ESPECIALLY then! It always seemed like having sex
with each other just made us even hornier.) There was a neighborhood girl
(her name was Janine) that Mike thought was cute, while I was getting
interested in Mike's developing sister, JoAnn. She and Janine were about
the same age (11), and although Janine was probably the prettier of the two
-- she had ivory skin, long, dark hair and a pert little nose -- there was
something about JoAnn that grabbed me. Maybe it was those big, flirtatious
eyes that peered up at you, making you wonder what was on her mind. I
found myself thinking about her more and more.
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  Story: Jane's Lesbian Slavery by Sarah J.         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Jul 8, 2006 23:34

Story: Jane's Lesbian Slavery by Sarah J.

Story Codes: Fggggggg/F, Fdom, gdom, ped, nc, bd, sad

Summary: Jane, a forty-nine year-old woman, takes in a younger female
lodger, who takes over her life. Jane becomes the young woman's slave, and
eventually the slave of the neighbour's young girls - eventually a host of
other young girls get in on the act, enjoying humiliating and degrading

Part One: Losing Control

Jane Sullivan was forty-nine, and in what she would describe as okay
shape. Her long, brown hair brushed a pair of slim, tanned shoulders, her
breasts were not that large and sagged just a little...
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  Story: It could be worse!         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jul 8, 2006 23:33

Story: It could be worse!

An Erotic Story

by bobandcarole

It was a mistake to even object, Kirsten figured out later.
"But Mom! I can't wear this!" Kirsten held up the one-
piece uniform. Each almost skintight dress had been custom-
fitted to each...
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  Story: Blind girl's Bluff         

Author: bobandcarole
Date: Jul 8, 2006 23:32

Story: Blind girl's Bluff

The park was almost deserted even though it was a beautiful summer day.
Most people hung out in the other park across town, because it was bigger
and the city had let this one run down.

The three boys were just hanging out inside the monkey bars when they
saw the girls. There were four of them, the two in the center were holding
hands and the group was walking toward the swings. All four were cute the
boys quickly noticed, and about the same age as the boy themselves, 12.

"Okay I get the two blonds in the middle. Randy you get the one with
short brown hair, and Tony you can have the one with the long brown
ponytail." Tyler said,

"Gee, you're generous today. You sure you don't want all four for
yourself." Tony said sarcastically, thinking that he wouldn't have minded
having the one with the long ponytail. As if that was going to happen.

"Well normally I would," Tyler said, "But our team is playing yours
tonight and I've got to save some energy to hit home runs with."
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  Story: CHILD WIFE         

Date: Jul 8, 2006 23:31



Most of the day she acts normally. No one would be able to tell, unless
they listened carefully to the things she says to me, and the tone of
voice she uses. They might seem a little...child-like, perhaps. But
then, so many young women are immature these days, they might not even

If they noticed her manner of dress, they might wonder at the pattern:
mostly jumpers, sailor suits, short plaid skirts with sheer white
blouses over lacy bras. Saddle shoes or loafers, and knee socks. If they
were able to see her panties, they would really be surprised! Always
cotton, lacy trim, with little hearts, teddy bears, or flowers on them,
even cartoons, sometimes (Cinderella, Jasmine, or Ariel, maybe; no Taz
or Power Rangers, that's for sure!).
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  Srory: A Christmas Story         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Jul 8, 2006 23:31

Srory: A Christmas Story

By Ralph Kramden (Pedo, M/g, M/fff, 1st)

Guys with my "hobby" all know how difficult it is to find work, either
for pay or as a volunteer, where they can get their hands on little
kids. Christmas time is like a gift from the gods for us, because every
mall in America needs a Santa. Every kid under 5 wants to see Santa and
Santa - me - wants to see every kid under five, especially the girls.

I'm always ready for this time of year. I purchased my own high-class
Santa outfit several years ago. I got my own because some stores have
really tacky stuff and others don't have any at all. Several times,
having my own outfit has landed me the job I wanted.

I suppose you think I want to work at FAO Schwarz, with its elegant
toy-soldier doorman, or maybe Macy's Holiday Lane with the elves
striking hundreds of tinkling silver bells on the white fir trees in
time with the chipmunk's rendition of "Here comes Santa Claus", while
bedraggled chipmunk robots do "The Twist" on white bedsheets doubling as

No, no, not for me.
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