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  Angela the Naughty Altar Girl 2         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 29, 2006 06:41

Angela the Naughty Altar Girl 2
Chapter Two
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

After my little masturbatory experiment in the church baptismal
fountain, I became obsessed with the idea of masturbating in church.
Just thinking about what I did, the fluttering water, the intense
orgasm, made me tingle with delight. More often than not, these memories
made my crotch a little damp and I usually ended up with my underwear
pulled around my ankles, touching my little button.

The next weekend, I went to the church early on Saturday and met with
Father Terry. I convinced him I could clean the church alone and that he
should stay home and relax. My heart skipped a beat when he said yes.
Why not? He had nothing to suspect. I was a very well-behaved and
responsible ten year old girl.
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  Angela the Naughty Altar Girl 1         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 29, 2006 06:40

Angela the Naughty Altar Girl 1

Chapter One
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

This story is based on an email I received from a female reader. Angela
was sixteen years old (Or so she claimed. For all I knew she was a cop.)
and she told me my "Megan the Altar Girl" series reminded her of her own
adventures when she was ten years old. She spelled out most of the
pertinent details but asked me to fill out the story as I saw fit.
Whether or not it is true is anyone's guess, but it makes for an
interesting read.


My name is Angela. I'm sixteen now but when I was ten years old I had an
"altar girl" experience but it's nowhere near as graphic or exciting as
your "Megan" series. For as long as I can remember, I enjoyed
masturbating. I didn't know it was called masturbating but I knew from
an early age that touching my privates would produce pleasurable
sensations. I knew it was naughty but that only added fuel to my fire.
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  Re: Natalie's New Daddy         

Author: Denny Wheeler
Date: Sep 28, 2006 04:38

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 01:02:57 -0600, Randall Johnson> wrote:
>And by the way I am an American!

I can tell--Aussies, Brits, Kiwis, South Africans, Canadians, etc all
tend to be much more polite than you. And mostly they're far better
with English than you as well.
>Randall Johnson wrote:
>> Bitch, bitch, bitch! I am amazed at how many people want to tell someone
>> else, what to do, how to do it and when to do it. American's are the
>> worse, then the American's in the south are worse than all the others.

How are you at reading for content? I didn't TELL you. I asked.
"Please don't...." isn't *telling* unless I'm your mama. Which I'm
>> Rather than get really rude with you and becoming really nasty, Why
>> don't you just not read my mails, that way you don't get pissed about my
>> (too long for you) mails! I have a reason for my mails being like they
>> are, so get over it, or don't bother to read my mails in any group I am
>> in. Tolerance man, Tolerance!
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  Daddy Dearest         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 27, 2006 22:05

Daddy Dearest
by Colleen


This story contains non-consensual sex, violence and
acts not appropriate in a civilized society. Neither
the author nor this archive condones such actions in
real life. This story was written as an unusual fantasy
and was not meant to offend anyone who may have been
subject to real violence in their life. Why can't we
all just do unto others, as we would have others do
unto us?

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  Amy's First Fuck         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Sep 27, 2006 22:04

Amy's First Fuck

By Willowall (2001) (M+/g, rape, ped, viol, gangbang, anal)

WARNING . . . This story contains graphic descriptions of violent sex
between adults and minors. If you find this offensive, stop reading now.

This story is ENTIRELY fictional and any similarity between persons and
events depicted in it and actual persons and events are purely
coincidental. The story is PURE FANTASY and NONE of the events described
herein are practiced, advocated or condoned by the authors.

Write to for suggestions, comments or questions.

* * *

I had a raging hard-on all morning long as I readied for the funeral.
Finally my son's wife was dead! I hated that bitch the moment I laid
eyes on her. Rick, my son, had married a rich bitch with the IQ of a
Barbie Doll and the body of Roseanne. She was nice and very naive, but
butt ugly. Luckily for Rick he had a few girlfriends that he was porking
on the side, and with work he rarely had the time to spend with that
ugly cow. He told me that in the year he was married, he only had sex
with her three times.
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  old musician story (back in the day)         

Author: marie M
Date: Sep 27, 2006 10:14

i wanted to make a small contribution to this group. story is not very kinky compared to most of the works here so i am
using my daughters user name to give it some kinky kind of undertone
(attempt at humor)
2.i am very supportive of the first amendment i admire the bravery of
the authors. most of the works are to far out for me personally. some i
actually thought were really good stories.i hope imagination is all we
are talking about here.
( for legal reasons anyone who might in some way resemble any part of
this story is purely a coincidence)
ok here we go.
it was the very early 70s. the band i was with at the time was
doing pretty good for ourselves.
southern rock was the biggest thing going for live shows. there
were many headline acts that all had multi band tours going across the
south and south west part of the country.
drinking and drugs were not thought of the same way they are today.
we also thought way different about sex. many states in those areas had
age of concent laws at 15 one or two were even 14
it was a three day weekend out door music fest sort of thing i ...
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  A Visit With The Miller Family         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 27, 2006 09:44

A Visit With The Miller Family

By LadyBug (M/M/M/F/g7, g5, b,b,b,b8, g,g,g7, inc, ws, pedo)

My name is Shane Thompson. I am a 35 year old divorced male. My wife
divorced me some three years ago when she caught me sniffing the panties
of our then 7 year old daughter. I have always liked to look...
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  A Most Welcome Guest         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Sep 27, 2006 09:44

A Most Welcome Guest

By LadyBug (M/f, 8, M/F, pedo)


It was about nine o'clock in the evening when the storm started. The
rain was pouring down hard and beating loudly on the sides and windows
of the Miller home. I was seated in a comfortable lounge chair in the
Miller's family room, sipping on a beer and trying to maintain a cool
demeanor, while sneaking peeks at little eight year old Kayla Miller,
who was flat on her stomach, about four feet away, on the rug, watching
TV. The little sexy blond was kicking up her legs every now and then,
affording me a brief look at her very cute coral-colored panties. I had
come over to the Millers to repair their heating unit, and having done
so some three hours earlier, they had insisted I stay for dinner, as a
way to repay me for the work I'd done, so I accepted.

After dinner, Bob Miller turned on a basketball game, which was now
over, and his wife Karen served up some snacks and beer for us to enjoy
as we watched the game. Now, that damn storm had started, and I was not
at all looking forward to driving home to my condo across town in this
kind of weather.
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  Cabin Fever (M+/F, family, nc, v)         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Sep 27, 2006 09:43

Cabin Fever (M+/F, family, nc, v)
By TIFFANY c 1997


My woman's intuition told me something bad would result from
this trip. Brent, my husband, suddenly developed this need to
commune with nature. Brenda didn't want to go. We had to
practically drag...
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  A teacher takes a class of girls from eight to thirteen years of age for a day         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 27, 2006 09:42

A teacher takes a class of girls from eight to thirteen years of age for
a day
The Teacher
I managed to land a job Teaching Maths in “Anne Marie School”, a private
owned school for
upper class girls aged from eight to sixteen, they would always have the
best materials and
go to trips very often as their parents were more than able to afford it.
That week we had gone to the Lake District in England, a beauty spot
where the girls were
meant to relax and enjoy the day out, they would assign a group of girls
to each teacher to
be looked after and make sure that all the group kept together which was
not an easy task.
We got to the high of the mountain by coach and we were meant to go down
following the
path on foot but half way two ten year old girls got inside the forest
which forced me to go
after them with my group following. I caught up with the two girls in ...
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