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  Daughter Needs Practice         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Oct 1, 2006 04:19

Daughter Needs Practice

I was sitting on the toilet, in the bathroom, when my 12
year old daughter came in to take a shower.
"Hi Karen," I said. "You're sure looking pretty today."
Karen blushed. This was...
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  King of the Rebits (A Commodities saga)         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Oct 1, 2006 04:14

King of the Rebits (A Commodities saga)

By Loki925 (Sci-fi, M/g+)

Part 1, The Ratoo:

My name is Kre Zat, former owner of Recondition Inc. I now own a very
large Rebit settlement. I don't know why no one ever thought of farming,
or should I call it raising Rabbits. Rabbits are the very early
offspring of Rebit girls. Rebits are white fur-covered bipedal
creatures. The average height of an adult female Rebit is 4' 4" and they
weigh approximately 100 lbs.

An average healthy female will normally have a litter of four Rabbits
every six standard months for two standard years. At that time I sell
the worn out females to Ratoo.

The litter of a healthy female Rebit will always be three females and
one male. I send the inferior males to Ratoo, keeping only the finest
males for procreation. With my selective breeding program I now have the
finest Rebits and Rabbits in the universe. There is of course new
competition, but they do not have the capital I have to run a proper
breeding program.
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  Lisa & Annie         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Oct 1, 2006 04:13

Lisa & Annie

By Babylover (M/Fgg, con, inc)

This is a fictional story. It never happened and never will. If you
dislike preteen incest sexual stories then stop reading here.

My name's Lisa, Lisa McToshier. I have a sister who is two years
younger. Her name is Annie. I'm just turned nine and I have red hair. I
don't have any titties yet, but my nipples and the circles around them
are starting to puff out some.

My Daddy is a truck driver and he delivers stuff from coast to coast, so
he's gone for two weeks at a time. So my Daddy is home every other
weekend. I love my Daddy, and he loves us as he's good to us girls.
Daddy takes a sleeping pill before going to bed so he gets a good
night's sleep.

I sneak up to his room after he goes to sleep and I sneak under his
blankets and play with his thingy. My Daddy sleeps naked so I don't have
any clothing to get in the way to play with his thingy. It gets big and
very stiff as I play with it. It's fun to play with and it squirts some
white stuff if I play with it for a long time.
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  Little Girl In Heat         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Oct 1, 2006 04:12

Little Girl In Heat

By Lil spurt (M/g , pedo)

There was this little seven year old girl who lived next door to me. She
was always running around in nothing but a pair of cotton panties. Being
a lover of little girls, this kept me in my back yard most of the time.
She was always smiling at me, and some times she would see me looking at
her and she would rub her pussy.

One day, when she smiled at me and began rubbing her little pussy, I
decided to play at the same game. I smiled at her and began rubbing my
dick, which was always hard when she was outside in her little cotton
panties. Damn, I do love little cotton panties on a preteen girl.

The next day was a repeat, only this time she walked over to me and
asked me my name. I told her it was Bill and she said her name was
Susan, but everyone just called her Sue or Suzy. Then she started asking
me all kinds of questions.

"Do you have a girl friend?"


"Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Yes, very pretty." That brought a big smile to her face.
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  Bedtime with Daddy         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Oct 1, 2006 04:10

Bedtime with Daddy

By Jude (rape, inc-dad/dau, D/s)

"Now, how about Daddy says good night properly to his princess?"

He looked down at his beautiful little baby-girl and smiled. So nice and
clean now, so pretty and sexy looking. He needed her again, he needed to
feel her body around his.

"That would be nice, Daddy. I'd like that"

She tried so hard to keep her voice even, though she felt sick inside.
She wanted him to be convinced of her love, and that she would do
whatever it took to make him happy. He didn't like it if she didn't.
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  Feeding Caitlin         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Sep 29, 2006 21:59

Feeding Caitlin

by Janus

I love my daughter. I really do. From the moment she was born and I
saw she was a baby girl, I swore to myself never to hurt her. I had known,
since my teens, that I had this attraction to younger girls. They were so
forbidden yet so alluring. But I promised myself that I would never hurt
my own daughter.

And I never did. Caitlin is eighteen years old now. She was
valedictorian of her graduating class and just moved out last week for her
first year at Cornell University. I admired Caitlin greatly throughout her
childhood (and now too, of course) but I kept my promise in never hurting
her. I never touched her inappropriately, I never abused her. She's grown
up to be a beautiful young woman that I'm very proud of.

In my mind, though, she'll always be that pretty ten year old girl,
always laughing and smiling, running around our backyard and leaving dust
clouds wherever she roamed. Even though I never laid a hand on Caitlin,
she still occupied my thoughts and fantasies, not without a certain degree
of guilt.
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  Daddy and Daughter - The Blowjob Lessons         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 29, 2006 21:58

Daddy and Daughter - The Blowjob Lessons

By COHF Zeen (M/f, oral, 1st)

Ron had just gotten home from work and was in his bedroom getting
changed. He pulled his pants off, tossing them on the bed, then
unbuttoned his shirt. He was standing in front of his closet in his
white boxer short and open shirt when his daughter Lori came into the room.

"Dad can I ask you a question?"

Ron turned and faced his fourteen-year-old daughter. She had recently
developed this bad habit of walking in on him. Lori had been coming to
him with lots of questions as of late. Ever since he had told her that
if she had any questions she should come to him first. Normally she
would have gone to her mother, but all that changed six months ago when
her mother, Sandra, had left them for another woman.
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  Bedtime with Daddy 1         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 29, 2006 21:57

Bedtime with Daddy 1

By Jude (M/f, D/s, inc, pedo, abuse, nonsex)

She lay in bed shivering despite the heavy cover pulled in around her
body, watching the lights on the digital clock click over and over,
bringing Daddy's bedtime closer. She closed her eyes, hoping that
somehow time would fly forward and he would be gone from her room.

She heard him say his goodnights to her mother, as the soundtrack of the
late movie began. Did mummy know she asked herself for the hundredth
time? Did she know what Daddy did when he came to check on her at night?
She must do, how could she not see the evidence on the sheets, the tears
in her nighties, and sometimes the could she not see them?

She heard him climb the stairs, slowly, casually and she counted every
step. He took nine steps to reach her door from the top of the stairs
and she counted them in turn, and her clock showed 10.05pm. Always
10.05pm She watched as the door handle turned and there he stood in the
doorway, his shadows falling over the bed from her Winnie the Pooh
night-light. He looked at her and smiled, walking in and closing the
door quietly behind her. Three steps to the side of her bed and he was
there. There to say goodnight in his own special way to his baby-girl.
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  FAME (Mg, cons, rom)         

Author: One Sick Puppy
Date: Sep 29, 2006 06:42

FAME (Mg, cons, rom)
By Simple Man

There is no limit to what some mothers will do to force their young
daughters into a life that they wished they had. For instance, some
time back I had a woman enter my studio toting a very little girl behind
her. She was my first customer at this time of the day and she very
quickly came right to the point. Thrusting the child in front of her,
she easily told me she wanted her daughter photographed for a career in
child pornography. The little girl was only four years old and I was
told no stranger to sex. She continued to say that she had no money to
pay for these pictures but that if I would take them she would let me
have sex with her daughter in exchange. I didn't even have to think
twice about that offer, I took it.

Now to place this all in perspective, I knew plenty about child
pornography and full intercourse with a four year old girl that left
nothing to the imagination would reap huge profits in the right market
and I knew them all. On top of it all, this little girl was really cute
with a delicious body and a beautiful face. A full hour video of her
begging for a huge adult cock would be worth millions.

Telling the mother that I had to see what I was working with she wasted
no time in undressing the little girl and pushing her toward me. I
knelt down to the naked little girl and ran my hands over her...
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  Angela the Naughty Altar Girl 3         

Author: Preteen Lover
Date: Sep 29, 2006 06:41

Angela the Naughty Altar Girl 3

Chapter Three
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

My next chance to touch myself in church came sooner than I expected.
After masturbating on the altar, I put away the robe and got dressed.
When I went to return the key to Father Terry in the rectory, he thanked
me and asked me if I could be the altar server for tomorrow's mass at 11
a.m. I accepted, of course.

11 a.m. mass was very popular. It was usually the most crowded of all
the Sunday services because people never wanted to get up early for the
8 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. services. I thought about my masturbation session on
the altar and imagined the pews if it had been 11 a.m. mass. There would
have been an endless sea of faces looking at my naked body. The thought
made me shiver.

I went to bed that night thinking of the service and fantasizing madly.
I already knew I would be naked under the altar robe, hidden yet exposed
to all the church-goers. I fell asleep and had dreams of being nude and
touching my button in church.
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