The Wills (g,M,pedo)
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The Wills (g,M,pedo)         

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Author: zoraya
Date: Jan 5, 2007 16:03

Warning:This is an adult story based on erotic fantasies involving
children, if you do not like this do then dot read any further.

This kind of stories are legal in the European Union as it involves no
pictures and it is clearly stated as fantasy, the author could not care
any less about how outraged you may feel.

Author: Zoraya

The Wills


The Wills family:

Amanda Wills is 10yo, brunette, flat chested.

Juliet is half developed 12yo girl

Charles Wills is an 18yo boy, the brother of Amanda and Juliet

The parents have gone away for the weekend and Charles has been left in
charge of his little sisters:

Charles (18yo boy):” You girls stop making so much noise!”

Amanda (10yo): “We only playing hide and seek!”

Charles (18yo boy): “ What? You dare to disobey me?”

Juliet (12yo): “She just said...”

Charles (18yo boy): “You too! You little sluts need to learn a lesson,
take off your dresses right now!”

Amanda (10yo): “What??”

Charles (18yo boy): “Do I have to do it myself?”

Both preteen girls undress and stand up on one corner with just their
knickers on, little Amanda still has a flat chest, she is brunette of
shoulder length hair, with dark eyes, and her knickers are light pink
with teddy bears drawings on them, Juliet the 12yo has some peach sized
tits, her hair is brown and her eyes dark, her knickers are sky blue
with clouds draw on it.

Charles (18yo boy): “Everything! Your knickers off too!”

10yo Amanda complies quickly pulling down her underwear showing off her
bald preteen pussy, Charles gets a quick hard on staring at the child slit.

Juliet (12yo): “I am too old for titties are growing...”

Charles jumps on his 12yo sister and pulls down her knickers all at
once tossing them aside, Juliet has some fuzzy brown pussy hair on it,
Charles caresses it with the palm of his hand

Charles (18yo boy): “You wanted to hide from me your little cunny hair?”
- Juliet blushes a lot

Charles (18yo boy): “OK girls you both bending now right now!

Charles grabs a newspaper rolls it up and observing his preteen sisters
ass and pussy from behind, he spanks first Amanda five times, her ass
becomes reddish, then he spanks Juliet five times too, her ass gets some
black ink on it from the paper right above her slit.

Charles (18yo boy): “You must now do corner time on this position”

Amanda (10yo): “But it is so uncomfortable” - Charles slaps Amanda small
ass once more

Amanda (10yo): “Ahhh! It hurts!”

Both girls stand in position fully naked and their butts sticking out
with just their socks and shoes on, Charles approaches Juliet and puts
both his hands on her reddish ass cheeks then starts to shameless play
with them, he introduces a finger inside his 12yo sister vagina and
moves it around, Juliet feels like dying but she does not say anything,
her brother takes off the finger then focus his attention on 10yo Amanda.

Charles (18yo boy): “Turn around I want to see your little cunny front

Amanda straightens up with her arms close to her body her brother
smiles at her and rubs her flat preteen chest with one hand then
approaches his lips to one of her nipples and sucks it salivating all
over her.

Charles (18yo boy): “Little slut you must learn not to make so much
noise when I am around”

Charles lowers one of his hands on his 10yo sister's bald slit and
sticks a finger inside as he carries on sucking her left nipple.

Amanda (10yo): “ohh..mmm”

Charles finger can stop going in and out the little girl pussy he can
feel some fluid, Amanda is getting horny as he carries on sucking her
chest, then stops leaving Amanda horny and covered in saliva and looks
at Juliet's ass who is still bending down with her eyes closed.

Charles (18yo boy): “Your turn pussy girl!”

Juliet (12yo):“Don't call me that! I am already 12!”

Charles (18yo boy):“I will call you whatever I please prepusbecent
whore, come here and show your bro your beautiful pussy from the front”

Juliet turns around and like her sister, stands straight with her arms
glued to her body, she gets thoroughly inspected with her older brother
fondling her naked body with the palm of his hand rubbing everything
from her peach sized tits to her fuzzy hairy pussy, Charles unzips his
trousers and shows his big hard adult cock to the girls.

Charles (18yo boy): “Suck it bitches! That is what little girls are for”

Amanda and Juliet kneel down and lick it one from each side, Juliet
closes her eyes and without her noticing her brother puts a hand behind
her head and pushes his hard dick inside her throat.

Juliet (12yo): “uuummmmm...uuuummmm”

Juliet has opened her eyes and her bro is holding her head tight she
can't separate her mouth from his dick he is actually fucking her 12yo
mouth hole holding her head and pushing his dick inside back and
forward, Charles is about to cum...

Juliet (12yo): “ummmmm”

Charles (18yo boy): “ Juliet you sure have a nice pussy mouth, ha ha ha”

Charles lets his sister's head go and takes out his dick right before he
orgasms to spit all the cum on Juliet's face quickly turning his dick to
spit the rest of the cum on Amanda's face.

Charles (18yo boy): “Damn you girls, you are the best little whore
around here”

Charles smiles before getting ready to fuck their pussies.


No copyright held, free to distribute.

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