I Caught My Wife on Her Knees (Adult Story)
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I Caught My Wife on Her Knees (Adult Story)         

Author: airieal
Date: Jan 9, 2007 23:41

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What a Halloween party it was! I'm calling it the night when my wife's
and my life changed forever. The night I became a voyeur a cuckold or
whatever you want to call it. The night I unexpectedly watched my wife
of eight years fuck a black man, and loved it! My wife Denise is very
good looking to say the least. She stand's 5'4", tall has long wavy
sandy blonde hair, a nice womanly figure, with a great set of 36d's.
She really light's up a room with her smile, it set's her apart. That's
how I met her many years ago at a friends party. We have a great
marriage and I've never wanted anyone else. I thought she felt the
same, until our Halloween party.
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